Albertville church and community activist open shelter for homeless people

ALBERTVILLE Alabama (WAFF) – If you need a warm place to stay this weekend, a local church in Albertville is opening its doors to those in need.

After seeing the need to help the homeless in Albertville, resident Unique Dunston decided to lend a hand.

“So we have a homeless community in the area, and they live in what they call the tent city, and they use a bunch of tents and tarps and whatever they can use to survive.” , said Dunston.

As the weather turned colder and temperatures expected below freezing, Dunston contacted St. Paul Missionary Baptist and members of the community to provide shelter.

Without hesitation, church members opened the doors to their recreation center and began to set up beds and blankets. Dunston says face coverings will be required and pets are not allowed.

She says their goal is to serve as many people as possible and help them stay warm and safe.

“Other members of the community who have housing and may not have adequate heating in their homes can also come, even if it is only for a few hours. I would love to educate the public about warming shelters or places like this that provide heat, ”Dunston said.

The heated shelter will be open from 1 p.m. on Saturday January 7 until Sunday January 8. Lunch and breakfast will also be provided.

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