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Business owners vowing to ignore pressure from the NSW government to demand that people be fully vaccinated to enter shops, bars or restaurants are unlikely to find the law on their side, according to an expert.

The prime minister said the government would “need to seek legal advice”, saying it was in “uncharted territory”.

But experts said the government would be on a solid footing in its attempts to impose vaccinations for certain freedoms.

As the NSW government faces legal challenges to some of its public health orders, including rules requiring police and healthcare workers to be vaccinated, Dr Ron Levy, an associate professor at the Australian National University School of Law, said the legal outlook for those opposed to vaccination warrants was “quite poor”.

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Naval Group – formerly DCNS, the French shipbuilder previously awarded a submarine contract – has yet to comment on the new alliance and Australia’s abandonment of the $ 50 billion deal.

But an anonymous senior official from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces weighed in on “unofficial reason” – “American entrism”. Speaking to Le Parisien today, the official denounced the Biden administration for “making life difficult” (or “soaping the board”, if you prefer a literal translation) and for strengthening the contract away from the French.

French diplomat and former US ambassador Geraud Araud had this to add:

Gerard Araud

The world is a jungle. France has just been reminded of this bitter truth by the way the United States and the United Kingdom stabbed her in the back in Australia. That’s life.

September 15, 2021



A wealthy Pentecostal church received $ 660,000 in job retention payments and then posted a 3,620% increase in profits and a $ 1.2 million increase in income.

Hope Unlimited Church, a world church that began on the central coast of New South Wales, revealed in documents filed with the charity regulator that it made a profit of $ 1.6 million dollars last year while receiving $ 660,000 in job retention payments.

The result was a huge increase in the $ 43,355 profit he posted in 2019.

Church revenues have also increased throughout the first year of the pandemic, from $ 2.8 million in 2019 to $ 4 million in 2020.

The church is led by Mark and Darlene Zschech, a well-known Christian singer, who spent 25 years alongside Brian and Bobbie houston in Hillsong, before separating to form a new church.

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