Backlash to Ted Cruz after telling Fox News that Biden started war in Ukraine

Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Monday blamed President Joe Biden for baseless invasion of Ukraine by Russia, as the Trump-aligned segment of the Republican Party continues to insist that the former president Donald Trump, who had a warm relationship with Vladimir Putin, would have prevented the war.

Mr. Cruz made the comments Monday night on Fox News, speaking to the network’s Sean Hannity.

“Joe Biden caused this war with Ukraine. How did he do it? When he waived sanctions on Nord Stream 2, sanctions that I drafted, that I wrote, that Donald Trump signed into law,” charged Mr. Cruz.

He went on to erroneously imply that the Nord Stream 2 project was completed “to allow Putin to get his gas to Europe”. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline finished construction in September after Mr Biden waived sanctions at Germany’s request, but the pipeline itself never became operational and may never be used after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which brought the project into the crosshairs of the Whites. Accommodation.

Mr. Cruz’s comments drew a handful of reactions on Twitter, but the Texas senator’s recent flurry of appearances on Fox News has so far failed to have a major impact on social media. However, what was a tweet from a reporter attending the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson, who spotted the Republican on his phone checking out reactions to his performance at the hearings while they were still In progress.

“Putin ALONE is responsible for attacking a sovereign country and the human rights atrocities that are happening right now,” wrote a woman who identified herself as a Texan on Twitter in response.

“Nordstream 2 which is not completed and did not deliver natural gas to Germany and was essentially shut down by Germany???” writes another.

Mr Biden publicly swore the Nord Stream 2 project would not go ahead following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the German Chancellor suspended certification of the project in February, halting all the works.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has described the now halted project as a “geopolitical weapon” in Russia’s arsenal, and he has personally blamed Germany on several occasions for decisions he says have given Russia the confidence to invade.

“We have always said that Nord Stream 2 was a weapon and a preparation for the great war, and we had the answer that it was business, business, business,” he told the German parliament in a stern speech in March.

Adding to Germany’s reluctance to join the United States and other Western countries in outright opposition to Russia, he continued during the speech: “When we called for pre-emptive sanctions, we turned towards you… but we felt the delay, the resistance… We understood: you want business, business, business.

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