Boris Johnson news: PM arrives in Washington to meet US President Joe Biden

US and UK attempt to limit damage with France following nuclear sub-crisis

Boris Johnson hailed Joe Biden’s new pledge to double US financial assistance to help developing countries tackle the climate crisis, as he arrived in Washington DC for talks with the US president.

Speaking ahead of the UN’s Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow, the Prime Minister said Washington’s “massive contribution” of $ 11.4 billion a year by 2024 was a “very, very good start “towards its goal of getting $ 100 billion from world leaders, but warned” there is still a long way to go. “

Mr Johnson traveled by train from New York on Tuesday, where he addressed the United Nations General Assembly. He is expected to discuss the climate crisis and other pressing issues with Mr Biden.

The Prime Minister appeared earlier on Today’s NBC Show, where he tried to unravel the mystery about how many children he has – describing himself as a father of six. He is expecting his seventh child with his wife Carrie, the mother of his son Wilfred.

In the same interview, Mr Johnson said it was “reasonable” that the United States decided to end its 20-year presence in Afghanistan on the grounds that “you cannot contract out the government indefinitely. your country to others “, but added:” Could we have done a little differently? Maybe we could.

In separate comments, the PM said a speedy UK-US trade deal was unlikely, as Joe Biden “has a lot of fish to fry” including his vast infrastructure package .


Government Borders Bill continues to pass through the House of Lords

The government’s Nationality and Borders Bill – which could sentence anyone entering the UK through an unauthorized route to imprisonment for four years – continues to pass through parliament.

At the same time, an Equality Impact Assessment carried out by the Home Office found that there is “limited” evidence that this will reduce Channel crossings, and that the reforms include “a significant significance for indirect discrimination ”and“ potential for direct discrimination on the basis of race ”.

Andy GregorySeptember 21, 2021 7:16 PM


PM insists on reducing universal credit

Pressed by his intention to undo the universal credit increase of £ 20 per week, Boris Johnson insisted his strategy of building a “high-skilled, high-wage economy” was better than “leaning on it. on low skills, low wages and uncontrolled immigration ”.

Andy GregorySeptember 21, 2021 7:00 PM


Boris Johnson welcomes Biden’s climate finance pledge

Boris Johnson hailed Joe Biden’s climate finance pledge as a “very good start” that takes them “a long way to the goal”.

Speaking to reporters on the Washington DC Union Station platform, the Prime Minister said, “This is very good news in the sense that the United States has stepped in with a massive contribution.

“It’s a very, very good start. This means that we are a long way from the goal we need to achieve, but there is still a long way to go.

“There is no doubt that this American action today has been a big lift and will really help us get there.”

Andy GregorySeptember 21, 2021 6:49 PM


SNP criticized for achievement gap in schools

In Scotland, ministers have been criticized for the educational achievement gap, with opposition leaders saying poorer students “have to pay the price for government failure”.

Tories, Labor, Liberal Democrats and Scottish Greens have all attacked SNP ministers following new figures from the Scottish review body which showed students in private schools were much more likely to get top marks.

In these schools, more than three-quarters of students in tertiary education this year have achieved an A grade, compared to 47% in all schools, according to figures from the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

Workers’ education spokesman Michael Marra said the figures showed that “the SNP and SQA have devised a system this year” for assigning grades that “had widened and entrenched the already substantial achievement gap of Scotland “.

“We have seen the most privileged students benefit and the poorest lose it intentionally,” said Marra. “Far from closing the gap – as that was supposed to be their ‘defining mission’ – they made the situation worse, and it is Scotland’s poorest students who are paying the price for the government’s failure.”

Andy GregorySeptember 21, 2021 6:20 PM


Here are some images of cars, showing the Prime Minister’s arrival in Washington DC:

Andy GregorySeptember 21, 2021 6:14 PM


Government spends half a million pounds trying to block disclosure of information under transparency laws

An investigation found that ministries have spent at least half a million pounds since 2016 trying to block the release of information under transparency laws, our political correspondent Jon stone reports.

Lawyers working for six ministries challenged the decisions of the Information Commissioner and let taxpayers foot the legal bill. The highest-spending Department for Health and Welfare on lawyers racked up legal bills of more than £ 129,000 fighting a single case to try to block the publication of the departmental journals.

Read the full story here:

Andy GregorySeptember 21, 2021 6:04 PM


Boris Johnson arrived at Union Station in Washington DC ahead of his meeting with US President Joe Biden at the White House.

Andy GregorySeptember 21, 2021 5:59 PM


Vince Cable: A terminal crisis looms for Boris Johnson’s doctrine of “cakeism”

Write for Independent voicesFormer Lib Dem frontman and columnist Sir Vince Cable argues for the new partnership with Aukus:

“One way to handle Britain’s role is French irony and sarcastic rejection. But there is no evidence that the Chinese leadership is endowed with a similar sense of humor; they will see that Britain has made a choice. There is a recent history of retaliation against countries as small as Lithuania that have offended Beijing. There will therefore be “consequences”, as yet unspecified.

“… One thing is certain that a terminal crisis is looming for the doctrine of“ cakeism ”. We can join hostile alliances and engage in gunboat diplomacy, or we can persuade China to engage in the climate crisis and free trade, but not both. We can have our cake but not eat it.

Andy GregorySeptember 21, 2021 5:57 PM


The Secretary General of the Communication Workers Union is the latest to criticize Sir Keir Starmer’s decision to introduce an “electoral college” system in future Labor leadership votes.

Sir Keir said at a shadow cabinet meeting earlier today: “These rules will not be presented on a take it or leave it basis. I am ready to accept suggestions and ideas, have a conversation and try to reach consensus. But principles are important to me.

“I hope [the trade unions] will support me, I believe these changes are good for their members and they strengthen our bond. I know it is difficult – change always is – but I think these changes are vital for the future of our party.

Andy GregorySeptember 21, 2021 5:41 PM


Momentum using Starmer’s constituency plans to raise funds

Momentum has reportedly already used Sir Keir Starmer’s plan to introduce an ‘electoral college’ system for future Labor leadership elections in its fundraising efforts ahead of the party conference.

A copy of a fundraising email written by MK Zarah Sultana, shared on social media, warned the party is “at a crossroads” and called the plans to move away from the system. a voice of “shameful attack on democracy”.

Our political correspondent Jon stone has this report on plans:

Andy GregorySeptember 21, 2021 5:24 PM

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