French department – Baisieux Tue, 30 Nov 2021 06:22:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 French department – Baisieux 32 32 Oakland woman is heartbroken after French bulldog is stolen at gunpoint Tue, 30 Nov 2021 01:04:07 +0000 Oakland resident Hannah Nelson was in Atlanta for Thanksgiving when she got a call from her friend who was back home looking at her French bulldog named Merlyn.

“She told me it was stolen at gunpoint …” Nelson said. “They were two men dressed in head to toe black … One pointed a gun at his face and the other grabbed the dog and ripped the leash out of his hand.”

Nelson’s friend was walking Merlyn on 24th Street near Valdez in downtown Oakland at 6:05 p.m. when the dog was stolen, Nelson said.

The Oakland Police Department said it responded to the incident just after 6 p.m.

“The victim feared for his life and complied with all requests,” the department said. “The suspects ran to a waiting vehicle and fled east on 24th Street.”

Nelson said that, according to her friend, the suspects drove off, moving in the wrong direction on a one-way street.

Nelson said a neighbor caught the car driving down the street, but the images were too grainy to distinguish the car’s make and license plate. She said police were looking for additional video footage.

“I’m doing everything I can to get it back,” Nelson said. “He’s going to be 2 in December. We got him from a breeder that we found online.”

Stolen French Bulldogs made the news last year. Dogs of the breed are of great value. The American Kennel’s online marketplace with registered Frenchies available in California showed dogs priced at $ 3,500, $ 4,000, $ 5,000 and $ 7,000. The Marvelous Dogs blog stated that the average price for a French Bulldog in the United States is $ 2,800.

The French Bulldog theft caught the nation’s attention when Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot and two of the singer’s bulldogs, Gustav and Koji, were stolen in Hollywood in an armed robbery. Gaga offered a reward of $ 500,000 and the animals were recovered, the LA Times reported.

Armed robbers assaulted a San Francisco woman in January and stole her 5-month-old French Bulldog, and KRON 4 reported that two sets of dogs were stolen from the East Bay in June. A Frenchie stolen during a hotel room invasion in southern San Francisco in June has been returned, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Nelson offers a crowd-funded reward for his dog’s return and calls on the community to keep an eye on him.

“Most bulldogs are a solid color and it has hyena-like spots,” she said. “Something that also sets him apart is a white chest, it goes from his chin to his stomach. He also has a large black spot on his left shoulder.”

The police department said anyone with information regarding the incident can contact the Criminal Assault Unit at (510) 238-3326.

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Omicron: world on high alert over new variant of coronavirus Sun, 28 Nov 2021 14:04:00 +0000 The new, potentially more transmissible mutation was first discovered in South Africa and has since been detected in Australia, the UK, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Czech Republic and Hong Kong.

Israel is banning all foreigners from entering the country in response to Omicron’s fears, authorities said on Saturday. The ban, pending government approval, is expected to last two weeks. Israelis returning from a country on the Red List, which includes countries in southern Africa, will be required to self-isolate for seven days at a designated hotel.

There are seven suspected cases of the variant in Israel, in addition to a confirmed case found in a person returning from Malawi, its health ministry said.

Two cases of Omicron were detected in Australia after travelers from southern Africa arrived in Sydney, the New South Wales Department of Health said on Sunday.

The two travelers are isolated with 12 other passengers from southern Africa, the ministry said.

Both cases are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic people, he added.

Australia has banned the entry of foreigners who have visited nine southern African countries in the past 14 days, including South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, South Korea has imposed restrictions on travelers from eight southern African countries, its disease control and prevention agency said on Saturday.

Foreign nationals from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswatini, Malawi and Mozambique are banned from entering South Korea, the agency said. The issuance of visas to nationals of these countries has been suspended until further notice, he added.

Korean nationals entering from these countries must self-quarantine at a government-designated facility for 10 days.

What is happening in Europe?

Europe is also frantically imposing travel bans and scrambling to increase its coronavirus sequencing capabilities after several countries on the continent reported suspected cases of Omicron.

A suspected case of the variant was discovered in Innsbruck, western Austria, after a traveler recently arrived from South Africa tested positive for Covid-19, the government said on Saturday. State of Tyrol.

Samples of the case have been sent to Vienna, the capital, and the results are expected in the coming days, authorities said.

Meanwhile, scientists at the Liberec Regional Hospital in the Czech Republic told CNN on Saturday that a case of the Omicron variant had been detected in a traveler who arrived from Namibia. Eight other people who traveled with the infected person are also screened for Covid-19 and the variant, according to CNN affiliate CNN Prima.

On Saturday afternoon, two cases were confirmed in the UK, two more in Germany and one in Italy. Dozens more are suspected in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The leading infectious disease expert in the United States, Dr Anthony Fauci, also said that it was possible that the new variant was already in his country but had not yet been detected.

British Secretary of State for Health Sajid Javid said the two cases detected in the UK were linked to a trip to southern Africa, the region where the Omicron variant was first detected. “These people are self-isolating with their households as further testing and contact tracing is underway,” he added.

The German cases, identified in Munich, are two passengers who arrived from Cape Town on November 24, the Bavarian Ministry of Health said in a statement on Saturday.

“The individuals have been in domestic isolation since November 25 following a positive PCR test. Following information about the new variant, the two individuals had the foresight to arrange to be tested for the variant,” the authorities said.

The Italian case is in the southwestern region of Campania, a passenger who arrived from Mozambique, the Italian health ministry said in a statement. He did not disclose the date of arrival or the nationality of the passenger.

Earlier on Saturday, German authorities identified a “suspicious” case of the Omicron variant in Frankfurt in another passenger returning from South Africa. The local health department said it should be able to confirm the complete sequencing of the virus in this patient on Monday.

Dutch health authorities are investigating whether 61 people from South Africa who tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday were infected with the new variant.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said no known cases of Omicron have been identified in the United States and that if the variant emerges, the agency expects cases to be quickly identified. via the country variant monitoring system.

The French government extended its suspension of flights from seven southern African countries on Sunday. The ban was supposed to be in effect until midnight Sunday evening, but was extended until midnight Tuesday evening.

Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden and director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told NBC on Saturday: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was [in the US], we haven’t detected it yet, but when you have a virus that has this degree of transmissibility and you have travel-related cases that they have already noted in other places, when you have a virus like this – this is almost invariably going to go everywhere. “

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday evening that the first evidence suggests that the Omicron variant, first identified in South Africa, may have an increased risk of reinfection and said some of the mutations detected on the variant were of concern.

GGD Kennemerland, the municipal health department responsible for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, said positive test results will be reviewed as soon as possible. Those who tested positive were isolated at a nearby hotel, Dutch authorities added.

The discovery of the new variant has raised fears around the world. A number of countries have imposed travel bans and global markets have plunged.

But while the WHO named the Omicron a “variant of concern” on Friday, it stressed that more research is needed to determine if the variant is more contagious, if it causes more serious disease and if it could escape the diseases. vaccines.

“This variant has a large number of mutations and some of these mutations have disturbing characteristics,” Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO technical officer for Covid-19, said on Friday.

“Right now there are a lot of studies going on… so far there is little information but these studies are ongoing, so we need the researchers to have the time to do them and the WHO will inform the public, our partners and our Member States as soon as possible, because we have more information, “she added.

Lawrence Young, virologist and professor of molecular oncology at Warwick Medical School in the UK, said the Omicron variant was “of great concern”.

“This is the most highly mutated version of the virus that we have seen to date. This variant carries some changes that we have seen before in other variants, but never all together in a virus. It also has new mutations. “Young said in a statement. .

The variant has a high number of mutations, around 50 in total. Importantly, South African genomics scientists said on Thursday that more than 30 mutations have been found in the spike protein – the structure the virus uses to get into the cells they attack.
What we know about the Omicron variant

Scientists praised South African health authorities for their rapid response to a Covid-19 outbreak in the country’s Gauteng province, which led to the discovery of the new variant.

When cases in the province began to increase at a higher rate than elsewhere, health experts focused on sequencing samples from those who tested positive, allowing them to quickly identify the variant B.1.1.529.

Sharon Peacock, professor of public health and microbiology at the University of Cambridge, said the South African Department of Health and its scientists “must be applauded for their response, their science and sounding the alarm to the world” .

She added that the development shows how important it is to have excellent sequencing abilities and to share your expertise with others. This message was reinforced by the WHO, which on Friday called on countries to step up their surveillance and sequencing efforts to better understand the variants of the coronavirus.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified Dr.Anthony Fauci. He is director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

CNN’s Martin Goillandeau, David McKenzie, Ghazi Balkiz, Laura Smith-Spark, Sharon Braithwaite, Antonia Mortensen, Tim Lister, Nadine Schmidt, Mia Alberti, AJ Davis, Jonny Hallam, Jake Kwon, Hillary Whiteman and Lauren Lau contributed reporting.

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An American actor helping the young people of Seine-Saint-Denis: “Their diversity is a wealth” Thu, 25 Nov 2021 05:01:49 +0000

Putting Seine-Saint-Denis on the same footing as the poor regions of Mexico, Uganda and South Sudan raises eyebrows.

As in other parts of the world, the Oscar winner wants to launch programs to teach mediation and conflict resolution techniques and entrepreneurship to young people.

Seine-Saint-Denis, north-east of Paris, is the department with the highest poverty rates in mainland France.

It is known for its high-rise buildings where many immigrants from former colonies were housed in the 1960s.

The objectives of the association are in particular to reduce conflicts between young people and institutions and to train them to create their own business in areas of work in demand.

Whitaker told the Paris Peace Forum last month: “Working with young people has given me so much hope. “

“Young people are amazing”

The actor, who starred in films such as the 2006 hit The Last King of Scotland and in the recent Harlem Godfather series, went to La Courneuve in the Paris suburbs in mid-November with the president of Seine-Saint-Denis Stéphane Roussel. Mr. Roussel tweeted to have had “fascinating exchanges with Forest Whitaker, who understands that the youth and the diversity of Seine-Saint-Denis are a wealth; that a large part of the solutions to the ills of our societies are here ”.

Whitaker, 60, also met with the mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois, where the gritty drama of 2019 Wretched was shot. On a previous visit there, the actor said he was moved by the poverty and decided to try to help.

A spokesperson for the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (WPDI), which the star created in 2012, said: Denis. Their energy needs to be rekindled – but from within. We need to take an empowerment-based approach of training and supporting young people and individuals from other groups so that they can become assets that their communities can rely on to effect positive change.

The foundation says it aims to launch some programs next year and that it is “reaching out to local authorities and non-governmental organizations” to find out what the needs are and how it can help.

BNP Paribas will be a key partner in the project.

Whitaker’s initiative was especially well received in France, but the left Release The newspaper criticized the choice of Seine-Saint-Denis and French politicians who supported the initiative.

He said the star’s charity could be more useful elsewhere, “where conflicts are more common,” adding: “They [politicians] often say that we should not “stigmatize” Seine-Saint-Denis, but themselves “stigmatize” the department by placing it on the map of global distress.

The WPDI said the high number of unemployed youth and school dropouts meant it was on par with the struggling urban neighborhoods it worked in in the United States, South Africa and Mexico.

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French gaming event raises record 10 million euros for Action Contre la Faim

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Priti Patel fights against the incessant crossings of the Channel in small boats | Priti Patel Sun, 21 Nov 2021 23:37:00 +0000

Priti Patel, so long the darling of the hard-right Conservative Party, is having a tough weekend.

Once again she is grappling with the same issue that has dominated her tenure as Home Secretary – how to prevent people from seeking refuge by traveling to the UK in small boats.

Patience in Downing Street ran out on Friday amid the latest figures showing 1,185 people crossing the Channel in a single day in November – a record daily number for this century.

After lobbying Conservative MPs on Thursday, Boris Johnson ordered a review of the issue. Led by Stephen Barclay, it aims to bring together different ministries to solve an issue that is at the heart of the voting intentions of many Conservative voters.

Stung by the investigation, sources close to Patel appear to have accused officials in his own department of blocking policies and legal changes.

The Mail on Sunday reported that she had become so frustrated with obstructions from officials and legal advisers that she could still write to Cabinet Secretary Simon Case to list her department’s shortcomings.

But Patel also helped put the issue high on the government’s agenda with 11 high-profile statements it would prevent small boats from reaching the UK.

“I am absolutely determined to do everything in my power to stop these dangerous Channel crossings which put vulnerable lives at risk,” she said in October 2019.

A year later, she said progress was being made. “We are already seeing fewer migrants leaving French beaches,” she said.

Statistics told another story. More than 23,500 have crossed the English Channel in small boats this year – nearly three times the 8,420 that made the trip in 2020, which was a record then, and more than 10 times more than the year Patel became Minister of the Interior.

Patel was accused of desperation last week when she told reporters in Washington that the EU’s open border policy was to blame. “The real problem with illegal migratory flows is that the EU has no protection at open borders,” she said.

The number of people coming to the UK by small boats has increased, but the actual number of people trying to claim asylum has declined.

There were 37,235 asylum claims in the year ending June 2021, down 4% from the previous 12 months and less than half of what it was in the early 2000s.

Refugee activists often point out that Britain receives a fraction of asylum claims from Germany and France and less per resident than the EU average.

Officials concede that the government will have to cooperate closely with France if this issue is to be resolved.

So far, Patel has made two multi-million pound deals with French authorities to pay for increased surveillance of the 93 miles of French coast that was used to reach the UK.

A £ 28million deal in November 2020 was followed by a £ 54million deal in July to fund a doubling of French police patrols on their north coast. The UK has also repeatedly called for joint patrols of border forces and the French Navy to be deployed in the English Channel, but this was rejected.

But critics say even with increased cooperation and resources, the length of the coastline and the cost-effectiveness of the route – officials claimed last week that smugglers can earn £ 300,000 per boat – mean those wishing to enter in the UK will not be put off.

Refugee activists have claimed that opening safe and legal channels for asylum seekers to apply to come to the UK would prevent many who seek to enter the UK via small boats.

For almost anyone fleeing desperate circumstances hoping to find family members in the UK or seeking safety there, there is no application form and no process that can facilitate safe and legal travel. The Home Office expects people to physically reach the UK before an asylum claim can be made.

However, government sources claim that such a policy would lead to a rush of applications from bogus candidates, not from people fleeing persecution.

The government has said it is ready to use a controversial policy of pushing back ships back to France once they are intercepted in British waters. But there are no reports of its use in the UK, and the government’s own internal legal advice indicates that if they use this tactic, they are likely to be prosecuted.

The policy risks violating international maritime law, which could have criminal implications for border force officers involved in British and French courts. A union representing leaders has already sought legal advice on a possible judicial review of the policy.

The Nationality and Borders Bill, due to become law in the spring, will give the government the power to deal with asylum seekers abroad to deter illegal migration to the UK.

Patel hopes to emulate the approach taken by Australia where asylum seekers are processed nearly 3,000 miles from her mainland on a remote island in the central Pacific.

British government officials said they were in secret negotiations with several countries around the world, including Albania, over a deal. The Albanian Prime Minister issued a categorical denial, saying it was “fake news”.

The cost could also be prohibitive. Home Office sources have claimed it could cost a person £ 100,000 to send someone to accommodation abroad – which could spark yet another adverse reaction.

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]]> Nepal to start issuing ePassports from today Wed, 17 Nov 2021 01:15:13 +0000

The Passport Department is issuing biometric passports starting Wednesday, in a significant development in Nepal’s passport regime.

102-year-old historian Satya Mohan Joshi will receive the country’s first electronic passport from Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka at a reception to be held in the department’s new building in Tripureshwar. Previously, passports were issued by the former departmental office in Narayanhiti.

After the cancellation of three consecutive global tender notices last year by the previous KP Oli government, the ministry is finally ready to issue ePassports that will eventually replace the current Machine Readable Passports (MRP). The new passports are printed by the French company IDEMIA.

Nepal moved from decades-old handwritten passports to machine-readable passports in 2010 and 11 years later Nepal, following guidelines from the International Civil Aviation Organization, will issue second-tier ePassports. generation and officials said it gives the country’s profile a competitive edge.

According to the recent Henley Passport Index, Nepalese passports are one of the weakest passports in the world, ranked 110th alongside Palestine.

“With the issuance of the new passports, Nepal’s status will definitely jump,” said Dornath Aryal, director general of the Passport Department, adding: “We will issue one of the best passports in Asia in terms of security. , design and other features.

While the ranking should come as no surprise to many Nepalese who have taken international trips, it remains a cause for concern, especially as Nepal is no longer in the midst of conflict, has not been involved in any large-scale criminal or criminal activity. terrorist, is a democracy and is politically stable.

“It is not because of the quality of the passports that Nepal has been ranked lower,” said a deputy secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adding: “It is because of the poor economic situation of the country, from the weak immigration system, conflict and Nepalese exceeding their visa abroad, among others.

Technically, the new passport will be one of the best, reliable, secure and hassle-free for travelers, but the ranking of passports has more to do with politics, the co-secretary said.

According to the ministry, the new biometric passports will come in new shades. The cover of regular passports, currently green, will be chocolate brown. Diplomatic passports will have a crimson red cover, official navy blue passports and peacekeeper passports will be tiger orange. Travel documents will be black, temporary passports chocolate brown and sailor’s book slate brown. The first page of all passport booklets is specified to be heat stamped with the national coat of arms.

Former Foreign Ministry co-secretary Arjun Kant Mainali said that with the adoption of the new passports according to the global standard, the ranking of Nepalese passports will increase.

“Technology also plays a very important role, so it will certainly increase the credibility ranking of our passports. It will also be hassle-free and secure. It will also be widely recognized. In terms of other technological aspects, it will make travel easier, ”Mainali said.

The new passport should also put an end to the abuse and theft of diplomatic passports.

“Since it offers protection against identity theft, we hope it will also stop the theft of diplomatic passports,” said Nischal Nath Pandey, director of the Center for South Asian Studies.

The department also plans to link passport data to the national identity card.

What is an electronic passport?

An electronic passport is also known as a digital or biometric passport. For security reasons, the migration to an electronic passport from a machine-readable passport started in 2005 and the first electronic passport was finally issued in 2010. To date, more than 120 countries have issued electronic passports. , said CEO Aryal.

An electronic passport has a built-in electronic microprocessor chip. It contains biometric information of a person who authenticates the identity of the passport holder. It uses contactless smart card technology including a microprocessor chip and antenna to power the chip as well as for communication.

It is inlaid on the front or back cover or on the center page of the passport. The passport holder information is printed on the passport data page and the chip also stores the information.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authenticates data stored electronically in the passport chip, making it expensive and difficult to tamper with when all security features are properly implemented. Many countries are moving towards issuing biometric passports.

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Labor say submarine plan has ‘no credibility’ as it warns of capacity gap Mon, 08 Nov 2021 18:00:00 +0000

Naval Chief Vice Admiral Mike Noonan revealed last month that the six Collins-class submarines, which were built in the 1990s, may have to undergo two full rebuilds over the next several decades to keep them in service if the nuclear ships were not ready by 2040..

“Given the testimony of the chief of the navy in the Senate estimates and the opinions of defense experts in general, the government’s plan has no credibility,” said Mr. O’Connor.

“The capacity gap is obvious to everyone.

“Federal Labor has welcomed the decision to acquire nuclear submarines and agrees that they will be our best option, but at what cost, when will they be delivered and what must we do until then? “

The AUKUS agreement sank a contract with the French company Naval Group to deliver a conventional propulsion fleet, which France described as “a stab in the back” before briefly recalling its ambassador from Canberra.

Fallout from the AUKUS announcement dominated Mr Morrison’s overseas trip last week, with the prime minister’s office responding to Mr Macron’s false accusation by leaking a personal text message from the French president.


Mr. O’Connor will say that “we have all witnessed the Prime Minister’s mismanagement on the diplomatic side of this announcement and the fallout that followed.”

“We have the French, an important ally in the region, who feel betrayed and the American president describes our management as ‘clumsy’,” he said.

“Rather than a capability advantage, I’m afraid to say as it stands, risks a significant gap in our submarine capability.

“With the announcement of AUKUS, we are now starting from scratch a new submarine program.”

Opposition foreign spokeswoman Penny Wong called on the Australian government to conduct an internal review of how the UKUS announcement was handled, saying it had not focused on the minimization of flashback.

“I hope that the leaders of the department and the national security community at large will take this opportunity to think about it,” she told the Lowy Institute podcast, The director’s chair.

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West Sacramento family search for missing French Bulldog Sat, 06 Nov 2021 18:48:00 +0000 A West Sacramento family is desperate for the public’s help in locating their beloved 10 month old French Bulldog named Sparrow.

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif .– Monica Schlaegel’s gray and tan dog was wearing a bright yellow harness without a collar when he accidentally escaped their home in West Sacramento at a Halloween party

“I’m just a mess because I want him to come back,” Schlaegel said.

Sparrow the French Bulldog is loved by her husband and three young children, all of whom have been devastated since he disappeared from The River neighborhood.

Bianca Valadez told ABC10 her teenage son picked up the dog and brought him home that evening. Neighbors’ security camera video shows the dog being picked up by the teenager who left on a bicycle. Schlaegel said she was able to join Valadez, but it was too late.

“We looked for a name tag and a number to call and there wasn’t one, so he dropped it and continued to trick-or-treat,” Valadez said.

The Schlaegel family spent much of Friday posting missing leaflets all over town. They are now offering a $ 1,000 reward for any information leading to their dog’s return.

The West Sacramento Police Department conducted a preliminary investigation in which photos and videos were collected as possible evidence, documented in a report forwarded to detectives, a department spokesperson said.

Sikh festival returns to Yuba City for first time since COVID-19 pandemic

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The BMW Owner’s Extreme Solution to Paris’ ‘Aggressive’ Parking Culture Fri, 05 Nov 2021 00:13:36 +0000

The French are known to be letto do Drivers. But Parisian drivers are easily the worst of all. It’s a losing combination of congestion, poorly designed roads and the dismissive behavior of most Parisians (if the stereotype is to be believed).

So, if you own a rare German sports car, how do you protect it from the inevitable abuse Paris will subject it to? A motorist has come up with a clever, hilarious (and rather extreme) solution to protect his pride and joy. Arthur Kar, the founder of L’Art de l’Automobile and one of Paris’ most famous car collectors / dealers, shared this photo of a BMW E31 8 Series with a fender attached to the bumper before.

An air-filled bladder that is usually attached to the sides of piers or boats to keep them from being damaged while docking, this Beamer owner used it to keep Parisian punters from backing up in their sports car vintage (or maybe as a way to avoid damaging the car while they are parking).

Watch a timelapse of the terrible traffic around Paris’ famous Arc de Triomphe below (watch the taxi colliding with a scooter at 12:40 am!)

It’s a great solution, especially given the narrowness of some streets in Paris. It’s still risky. The wing of the boat appears to be attached to something under the hood, and they had to open the hood to hook it up. Does that mean anyone can just lift the lid?

We’d also be concerned about damaging the hood: Due to the E31’s unique hood design (which has holes cut out for the car’s iconic pop-up headlights), any slight hood damage could prevent your lights from turning on. An E31 cover alone costs tens of thousands to replace …

He is also not the only Parisian owner of vintage cars to have had this idea. One of our readers shared this photo he took of a classic Fiat 500 that he spotted in Paris a few years ago that also had boat fenders hanging from its bumper for protection. perfect touch parking lot. Look how cute the little wings are!

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Vaffanculo, francese! Image: @marcogiacomazzi

The petite 500 is the perfect retro ride for the narrow streets of Paris, but the BMW E31 might be a slightly more daring choice for strolling around Paname.

Produced from 1990 to 1999, the E31 was the first generation of the BMW 8 Series. An elegant grand tourer powered by a V8 or, more famously, BMW’s first production V12 engine, the B-pillarless coupe remains one of the BMW’s most unique and distinct designs.

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BMW has only made just over 30,000 copies, so well-maintained V12 examples are worth a pretty penny these days, with prices starting at around US $ 100,000.

A BMW E31 850i with its unique retractable headlights on display. Image: Bring a trailer

According to the most recent statistics from the French Ministry of the Interior, compiled by French Property, Paris has “by far” the worst accident rate of any French city or department – “[with] an accident rate of 2.76 per 1000 inhabitants, there is almost ten times the risk of being involved in a road accident in Paris as in the Ardennes, the safest department in the country. It also means that Paris has around 10 times the accident rate of London.

Most importantly, Paris has a remarkably low death rate, so even if you are more likely to be involved in an accident in Paris than you are, for example London or Berlin, you are less likely to be involved in an accident. a fatal / injured accident. as you would be in Melbourne or Rome, according to OECD statistics.

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Leaving aside the debate over their driving skills, Parisians are undoubtedly very good at drinking coffee. We spoke with the experts about what makes Parisian coffee and coffee culture so special. Ristrettos on Renaults, we suppose …

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Alexander County water supply projects near completion Wed, 03 Nov 2021 12:27:48 +0000

ALEXANDER COUNTY (November 3, 2021) – Two water projects in Alexander County are nearing completion and residents are encouraged to tap into the new water lines by Dec. 31 to take advantage of the reduced tap fees. At the November 1 meeting, the Alexander County Council of Commissioners heard a report on water supply projects from RJ Mozeley, senior project manager for McGill Associates, who served as engineer for the projects. .

Mozeley said the 2018 water project included 71,100 linear feet of six-inch and eight-inch water pipes in various parts of the county. The roads were chosen to provide services to areas in need and to improve the connectivity of the water supply system. Water pipes have been installed on portions of the following roads: Fox Court, Zeb Watts Road, Liberty Grove Church Road, Dula Loop, Ned Herman Road, Poly Bowman Road, Deal Farm Lane, Kirkpatrick Lane, Espie Little Road, Icard Ridge Road, Teague Town Road and B&T Lane.

In April 2020, Commissioners approved an additional water pipe extension project that installed 11,500 linear feet of water pipes on unserved portions of Sanchez Road, RZ Bowman Road, William Reece Road, Clouse Road , Friday-Cockrell Road, Rabbit Hollow Road, AL Fox Road. , Crowson Road, Outrigger Road and Drum & Hammer Road. Water lines will be installed on Emerald Point Drive and Crappie Cove Lane over the next 60 days, bringing the projects to completion.

To help residents who live in these areas, faucet fees have been reduced to $ 541, for a savings of $ 602 per faucet. The fee reduction will expire on December 31. If you live in an area where water lines have been installed, contact the Town of Hickory at (828) 323-7427.

In other cases:
• Allison Brown, Alexander County Co-operative Extension Manager, presented information on the upcoming Farm-City Week, which is observed each year the week leading up to Thanksgiving. The special week recognizes the contributions of farmers to rural and urban settings.

“Whether it’s a generational farm or a new and starting farm, farms in Alexander County continue to provide economic, environmental and health benefits to many people,” said Brown. “No matter where we live, on the farm or in town, a farmer touches our lives.”

She said farmers in Alexander County have a huge impact on the local economy, with revenues of around $ 176 million. There are 544 farms in the county, averaging 100 acres each. In North Carolina, the county ranks 4th for layers (chickens), 12th for broilers (chickens) and 13th for beef cattle, but is the 88th largest county.

“Our farmers are very valuable to us and they bring a lot of income to the county,” said Larry Yoder, president. “Our farmers are to be commended for the work they do.

Brown encourages the public to recognize the farmers, ranchers and traders who support agriculture and farming by using #AlexanderFarmCityWeek on social media.

• Zack Shepherd, Regional Director of Community Relations at Vaya Health, presented an overview of Medicaid transformation. He said Vaya is a local government agency that runs state-funded services for people with mental health, addiction, and intellectual / developmental disability (MHSUIDD) issues in an area of ​​22 counties in the western North Carolina, including Alexander County. Shepherd said Medicaid Managed Care includes three types of prepaid health plans (PHP): standard, tailor-made and tribal. The standard plans went into effect in July 2021. There are 8,435 people eligible for Medicaid in Alexander County, of which 7,796 switched to the standard plan in July. Only 639 people will be eligible for the tailor-made plan in July 2022. He said Vaya will consolidate with Cardinal Innovations and serve nine additional counties for a total of 31 counties. Learn more about Vaya Health at

• Commissioners approved an order to close portions of roads for the Alexander County Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 4 at 3 pm. 16 South.

• Commissioners approved a proclamation designating November 1 as Power Plant Workers Appreciation Day in recognition of the men and women who generate the electricity everyone depends on. Alexander County is home to the Oxford and Lookout hydropower plants, which produce reliable power to serve homes and businesses in the area.

• In the county manager’s report, Rick French said the Alexander County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) received a $ 25,000 hometown revitalization grant from Duke Energy to support small businesses that have been affected. by COVID-19. Eleven companies received $ 2,250 each. Learn more at

French also noted that the Alexander Friends of the Library book sale is scheduled for November 4-7 at 135 Commercial Park Avenue (near CVCC Alexander Center for Education), and encouraged the public to attend.

• During the public comment period, there were three speakers. Macy Jones said she heard the county was planning to use all $ 7,283,353 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to expand the county’s water supply system. She offered to spend $ 1 million to support various things, such as replacing lost public sector income, providing childcare assistance, giving bonuses to frontline workers, l ‘granting grants to nonprofits and businesses, funding pantries, helping the homeless coalition. , and more.

Dianne Little, President of the Board of Centraide, presented the preliminary results of her community needs survey, which received 148 responses. The results of the county-wide survey showed that the overall needs are broadband, education, health care, housing and transportation. Food insecurity and homelessness were noted in residential assessments.

Priscilla Jenkins, Founder and CEO of The Bridge Community, has asked for financial support for the displaced / homeless population of Alexander County. She said schools in Alexander County reported 87 homeless children (those without a permanent address) in 2020, and that there is a growing homeless adult population. Jenkins demanded that commissioners use $ 2 million in ARPA funds to establish a homeless shelter.

Meeting of the Consolidated Human Services Council
• Linda Clements, Deputy Director of MAS, said the ministry recently completed the Recipient Eligibility Determination Audit (REDA), with some issues that have been uncovered. A corrective action plan will be developed with state officials on December 12 during a virtual meeting.

More details will soon be available on the Low Income Household Water Supply Assistance Program (LIHWA). As of October 14, only 80 of the 450 water suppliers had signed up for the program.

She said the child protection program is facing vacancies. Although they are making progress in the justice system, there are currently 67 children in foster care and four in the 18-21 year old program.

November is national adoption month. A meeting of the Foster Parents Association was scheduled to take place on November 2 at Mt. Herman Baptist Church. Orientation meetings for foster parents are scheduled for November 8 and December 6.

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) begins in December for the elderly and people with disabilities, and is open to others in January.

• Billie Walker, Deputy Director of Health, provided an update on COVID-19. She said the numbers were much better than a month ago. As of Nov. 1, Alexander County had a cumulative total of 6,491 cases, with 106 cases in the past 14 days and 54 cases in the past seven days. There were seven people in the hospital. There have been 125 deaths associated with the virus.

The test positivity rate fell to 5.6% in Alexander County from 9.9% a month ago. The state’s rate is 5.0%, down from 9.4% a month ago.

The health department is offering a third dose of Moderna and Pfizer to people who are immunocompromised and booster doses of Moderna and Pfizer to those who were vaccinated six months or more ago. She said individuals can “mix and match” with the booster. For example, if a person has received two doses of Pfizer, they might choose the Moderna vaccine for their booster. She said health service staff can help citizens understand the specifics of third doses and boosters and help them make the decision that is best for them.

The FDA has approved the vaccine for 5 to 11 years and CDC approval is pending, but is expected soon.

The Alexander County Council of Commissioners typically meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in Room 103 of the CVCC Alexander Center for Education. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday December 6 at 6:00 p.m. Regular meetings are recorded and can be viewed on the county government channel at Spectrum 192 or the county YouTube channel at Meeting agendas, minutes, videos and more are available on the county website at

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Radars are back in action in France with 4,700 radars Tue, 02 Nov 2021 09:23:24 +0000

The government’s budget for 2022-2023 foresees that 4,700 radars of all types will be operational, with a fine estimated at 714 million euros.

This year he expects to receive less than € 700m – far less than the € 809m he originally planned – because fewer cars on the road, due to Covid restrictions, mean less of people fined for speeding.

Once considered an ever-generous cash cow for the government, with a record 824.7 million euros raised in 2017, radars have started to lose their luster with the yellow vests protests and Covid.

Ministers remain convinced that the road safety benefits outweigh the political risks associated with speed cameras

The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, declared: “Speeding, or driving at a speed unsuitable for road conditions, and drinking and driving remain the main causes of death in road accidents. .

His department’s official figures for July this year show 313 people have died – 20 more than last year and 15 fewer than in 2019.

Some details on the type of radars that will be operational have been released.

In order to combat vandalism, the government has started to build more large cylindrical tower radars with plug-in units.

This makes it possible to share 1,000 electronic units between 1,400 cabins, which means that drivers passing the towers will not know if they are active or not.

In addition, 800 older radars will be in service, either of the gray rectangular “binder” type, or of thin, black and round radars. Many have been refurbished after acts of vandalism.

The new equipment includes 700 units capable of distinguishing trucks from cars, and either flashing if they exceed their various speed limits.

There will also be 50 units that will use average speeds over several miles to determine if a vehicle is moving too fast.

At the same time, private speed detection cars will be introduced next year in four new regions: Ile-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Occitanie.

This will mean that the cars, known as new generation mobile radars (RMNG), will be operational throughout mainland France. They are already present in eight of the twelve metropolitan regions (excluding Corsica and Overseas).

However, the first fines will not begin to be imposed in the new regions until 2023.

“Private” cars are those driven by outside operators, as opposed to police cars.

They are designed to blend in with the traffic, using popular models such as Peugeot 308, Dacia Sandero and Citroën Berlingo for this.

Cameramen also use an infrared flash, invisible to motorists, which makes them harder to notice.

They do, however, offer more leniency than usual fixed speed cameras, allowing a 10 km / h margin over speed limits in areas where the limit is less than 100 km / h, and a 10% margin when speed limits are greater than 100 km / h.

Normal cameras only allow margins of 5 km / h and 5%.

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