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Germany could find itself in a no-win situation if Russia invades Ukraine, pitting Berlin’s main gas supplier against its most important security allies.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz would face pressure from the United States and other Western allies to respond to any invasion by halting the commissioning of the recently completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany.

But that would risk exacerbating a gas supply crisis in Europe that has been widely blamed on a shortage of gas flows from Russia and which has sent European energy prices skyrocketing.

The price spike has hit businesses and consumers across the region hard, including low-income workers in Germany whom Scholz’s Social Democrats (SPD) are counting on to vote.

“Germany is between a rock and a hard place,” said Marcel Dirsus, nonresident researcher at the Institute for Security Policy at the University of Kiel.

“The Scholz government wants to keep Americans happy because they are Germany’s most important allies outside of Europe. But they don’t want to annoy the Russians either. It’s hard to do.

Russia has massed troops near its border with Ukraine and demanded security guarantees from the West, but denies plans to invade its former Soviet republic.

Any invasion would be likely to trigger new international sanctions against Russia, with measures against Nord Stream 2 widely seen as one of the most powerful ways to pressure Moscow.

But Scholz, who replaced Angela Merkel as chancellor late last year, is already facing disagreements within her coalition government over the scope of German sanctions against Nord Stream 2 if Russia attacks the Ukraine.

The Greens would like to scrap the project, which is still awaiting regulatory approval, as they oppose fossil fuels. They also want to send a clear signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin that military aggression abroad and undemocratic practices at home will not be rewarded with gas deals.

Business-friendly Free Democrats (FDP) have also signaled that they prefer a tougher approach to Russia.

Scholz hopes to find a compromise that will satisfy both his coalition partners and senior party officials, such as Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, who said that Nord Stream 2 – which passes under the Baltic Sea and bypasses the territory Ukrainian – should not be dragged to Ukraine. crisis.

The German regulator, the Bundesnetzagentur, is in charge of the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, a process which began last September and is expected to last six months. Once the German regulator has completed its inspection, the authority will send a draft decision to the European Commission, which will also have a say.


The European Union’s most populous country and largest economy risks appearing divided, and Scholz risks appearing weak if he does not show strong leadership in the crisis.

“Scholz seems too passive and absent,” said Gwendolyn Sasse, senior fellow at Carnegie Europe, suggesting he should try to play a bigger role in the EU.

The SPD sees itself as the natural heir to Germany’s pioneering “Ostpolitik” policy of openness to the Soviet Union in the 1970s. But other European countries want Germany to do more to project the Europe’s influence and protect Eastern neighbors who fear what they see as Russian aggression.

Scholz could have his eye on opinion polls that show around 60% of Germans support Nord Stream 2, said Thorsten Benner of the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi).

“For Scholz, there is also a concern for fairness: the United States is a major importer of Russian crude but has not committed to stopping imports while Germany should cancel Nord Stream 2,” Benner said. .

Energy prices in Germany in December were up 69% compared to December 2020. Russian military action in Ukraine could push them even higher.

“In the event of an invasion, we would see wild spikes in gasoline prices. All bets are off,” said Hanns Koenig, energy analyst at Aurora Energy Research.

The government would then face pressure to provide subsidies to low-income Germans and manufacturers who rely on gas for production, further straining public finances already strained by the coronavirus crisis.

Some European politicians say Russia can do more to lower prices and consumer bills in Europe, and have accused Moscow of using the energy situation for political purposes.

“Natural gas flows from Russia are at historically low levels,” Koenig said. “Russia is prioritizing routes it owns and sending far less than it has historically across others.”

Russia denies manipulating supplies, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock this week that Western attempts to politicize the Nord Stream 2 project would be “counterproductive”.

Dirsus said Scholz was unlikely to kill the project but could impose a moratorium on it if there was an invasion.

“It will be a step designed to show the Americans and other allies that Germany is responding, but at the same time they will send a signal to Russia that the project could still be revived,” he said.

(Editing by Georgi Gotev)

Uniper CEO expects Nord Stream 2 to carry gas next heating season Tue, 18 Jan 2022 16:55:28 +0000

Adds CEO comment, context

FRANKFURT, January 18 (Reuters)Uniper, one of Nord Stream 2’s backers, expects the pipeline to be available for transporting gas from the start of the next winter heating season in October, its CEO said.

The pipeline, which is technically complete, still needs to be certified by the German network agency. Uniper’s UN01.DE Managing director Klaus-Dieter Maubach told the Handelsblatt’s annual energy summit that this was planned for the end of the summer.

“I expect – assuming the Ukraine-Russia conflict does not escalate – that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will have passed the certification process this summer, possibly late summer,” he said. Maubach said.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz signaled on Tuesday that Germany may consider shutting down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will carry Russian gas to Europe, if Russia attacks Ukraine.

“Of course, at Uniper, we are worried (…) about what is happening at the Russian-Ukrainian border and this is a risk that could have a very short-term impact on the gas supply”, a Maubach said.

He said he expected the pipeline to be available as a gas import infrastructure for the German and European market from the next gas year, which starts on October 1, 2022.

“Russia is an important and indispensable partner for us,” Maubach added.

(Reporting by Christoph Steitz and Vera Eckert; Editing by David Goodman and Alexander Smith)

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Young entrepreneurs from the Côte-Nord developing a range of non-alcoholic beers and Nordic fruit sodas Mon, 17 Jan 2022 16:30:00 +0000

CED grants $134,900 in financial support for Baie-Comeau Microbrasserie Saint-Pancrace to acquire innovative equipment.

BAIE-COMEAU, QC, January 17, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – /CNW Telbec/ -Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (DEC)

Brewing beer is one of the oldest industries in Canada, drinking beer being a well-established tradition. Craft beer in particular has flourished in recent years. Many Quebec brewers are growing, and the government of Canada supports local brewers so they can grow and meet growing demand for their products, while maintaining and creating jobs.

The Microbrasserie Saint-Pancrace, founded by four thirty-something shareholders, specializes in the production and marketing of distinctive beers that represent the Côte-Nord region, winning multiple awards since 2013.

To help the microbrewery reach a new stage in its growth, Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions is granting the company a repayable contribution of $134,900. This assistance will enable the brewery to increase its beer production and diversify its product offering by adding a line of non-alcoholic craft beers and low-alcohol seltzer sparkling water flavored with Nordic berries.

This funding was announced today by the Honorable Pascale St-Onge, MNA for Brome–Missisquoi, Minister of Sports and Minister responsible for CED. Support for this project will enable the Microbrasserie Saint-Pancrace to meet increased demand resulting from the significant growth in regional tourism and to penetrate the non-alcoholic beer market, which promises great growth potential in Quebec and in Canada. It will also lead to the creation of two jobs, adding to the thirty or so employees already in place.

It is a priority of the government of Canada to help of Quebec small and medium-sized enterprises to rebound vigorously after the health crisis. of Quebec economic recovery will rely on organizations that are well anchored in the regional economy. They are major contributors to growth, as well as essential assets for rebuilding a stronger, more resilient and fairer economy for all.


“Community prosperity is a priority for our government. This is why CED supports local businesses in their efforts, whether to increase their productivity, develop new products or improve their existing products and services. Small and medium-sized businesses are at the heart of economic recovery, and the Microbrasserie Saint-Pancrace is a fine example of this. It is a major contributor to the economic vitality of the Côte-Nord and the success of this project will have positive repercussions on the economy. whole region. “

The Honorable Pascale St-Onge, MNA for Brome–Missisquoi, Minister of Sports and Minister responsible for CED

“The last few years have shown us how important it is to be agile, to diversify and to have a solid network. Through this project, we are strengthening our business and our relationships in the community, in particular by creating non-alcoholic beers and showcasing northern berries in new drinks. Obviously, this type of development would not be possible without the participation of long-standing partners like CED.

André Morin, production manager and co-owner, Microbrasserie Saint-Pancrace

Fast facts

  • The funds were granted under CED Regional economic growth through innovation program. This program is aimed at entrepreneurs who rely on innovation to grow their business and increase their competitiveness, as well as regional economic actors contributing to creating an entrepreneurial environment conducive to innovation and growth for all, in all the regions.

  • CED is a key federal partner in of Quebec regional economic development. With its 12 regional business offices, CED supports businesses, support organizations and all regions of Quebec in tomorrow’s economy.

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Nord Center will receive $5,000 as part of the Meijer Team Gives program – Morning Journal Thu, 13 Jan 2022 15:03:01 +0000

Lorain’s North Center has announced that it will receive $5,000 through the Meijer Team Gives fall donation program. The organization is one of approximately 500 nonprofits to receive a surprise donation after being selected by a diverse panel of Meijer team members at the Lorain Meijer store.

“Not only are we thrilled to have these funds to support our mission at what continues to be a critical time for mental health, crisis and sexual assault services, but we are also humbled that members of the Lorain team have chosen our organization for this honor. said Nord Center CEO Don Schiffbauer.

The first-ever Meijer Team Gives event will donate approximately $3 million to nonprofit organizations, such as The Nord Center, identified by local Team Meijer members in their communities across the Midwest.

“What makes this event so special is the hands-on role our team members played in nominating and selecting nonprofits that would benefit in their own communities,” said Cathy Cooper, Senior Director community partnerships and donations for Meijer. “Our stores and distribution facilities know the needs of their communities because they live there and serve them every day, so we’re thrilled to have them leading this giving effort by identifying the local causes that matter most to them. .”

Earlier this fall, Meijer team members in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin formed a diverse committee at each store and distribution facility to nominate a or two local nonprofit organizations to consider a fall donation. Each store and distribution facility chose to award $10,000 to a local nonprofit or two nonprofits of $5,000 each at the Meijer Team Gives donation event.

The $5,000 donation will be used to support North Center’s ongoing efforts to expand and improve access to care.

For more information about the North Center, its efforts and how to support them, visit

For more information about Meijer and the retailer’s commitment to its communities, team members and customers, visit

The Nord Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit provider of community mental health and related support services headquartered in Lorain County. The North Centre’s mission is: To engage the people of our community in achieving mental and emotional health through prevention, treatment and advocacy.

“Vous l’save astheure”, a project of the Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario, supported by Groupe Média TFO, to make young Canadians aware of the history of the First Nations Wed, 12 Jan 2022 12:00:00 +0000

New informative and entertaining youth programming to support and share First Nations history is now available free on “You’ve got ittestifies to the importance given to inclusive education, equality, respect and solidarity.

TORONTO, January 12, 2022 / CNW Telbec / – At a time of collective awakening to history and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, the Public School Board of the Great North ofOntario (CSPGNO) and Groupe Média TFO (TFO) are committed to opening up dialogue and fostering reflection among young Canadians with “You’ve got it “ – a series of educational videos that celebrate the history and culture of the First Nations.

This initiative consists of 30 clips produced and produced by the cultural mediator of the CSPGNO for indigenous education, Stéphane Paquette, all published on the TFO antenna. IDÉLLO Platform. Designed to support teachers, educators, students and parents at school and at home, these French videos add to the resources currently available on IDÉLLO.

Education at the heart of reconciliation with indigenous peoples
These videos are more topical than ever: they offer everyone the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of the history and heritage of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis and thus help maintain respectful relationships with these communities.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Stéphane Paquette drew on his personal experience and his great talent, and was able to interest students, staff and the entire school community in the cultural richness of Indigenous peoples. Using a highly creative approach, he strives to recall and celebrate the fundamental place of Indigenous peoples in our Canadian society and their many contributions to its development. We are pleased that this partnership with Groupe Média TFO allows us to extend the reach of this edutainment content via the IDÉLLO platform.“- Carole Dubé, director of communications, Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l ‘Ontario.

A rich and varied educational approach to deconstruct prejudices about indigenous peoples
Skillfully researched and illustrated with a touch of humor, these 30 informative clips encourage critical thinking in students and allow them to question generally prevalent and often misguided socio-cultural knowledge, ideas and perspectives. Find videos aimed at identifying stereotypes and breaking down prejudices about IDÉLLO :

Develop and support global citizenship and sustainability skills in students
With its strong educational mandate, TFO once again confirms its focus on learning fundamental skills, such as global citizenship and sustainability, to form tolerant, informed and responsible citizens.

The current situation prompts us to constantly develop innovative approaches to digital learning. It is important to provide children with interactive, educational and cultural resources to get involved in these topics. We are proud to add the “You Got It” videos to our existing resources on IDELLO to assist teachers, educators and parents in imparting knowledge about Indigenous culture and its rich heritage. We engage in initiatives that help train young people to be agents of change, a key tenet of global citizenship education.“- Julie caron, Vice-President, Educational Continuum, Groupe Média TFO.

These educational resources aim to inspire young people of today and tomorrow to make commitments and reflect on the work that needs to be done for a more just, equal and inclusive future. By educating them from an early age on reconciliation, we make them aware of the values ​​of citizenship and respect for Indigenous perspectives and their many contributions to our society.

This series of 30 videos is a call to take concrete action to learn, share and build together a better country and world.

About Groupe Média TFO
Groupe Média TFO is a Franco-Ontarian public media company offering an interconnected discovery experience through its innovative educational, cultural and current content in French. Through its educational mandate, on television, on digital platforms and through its initiatives and applications, Groupe Média TFO puts knowledge at your fingertips. At the forefront of digital learning, the company reflects the vitality and diversity of the community it serves and prepares the next generation for the world of tomorrow.

A leader in new pedagogical approaches, the CSPGNO offers programs that meet the changing needs of students from year to year. Recognized for its human approach and its inclusive values, the CSPGNO is in a league of its own offering innovative and creative teaching that promotes open-mindedness. Through its commitment to excellence, CSPGNO offers its students cutting-edge educational programs that far exceed the expectations of traditional education. His vision of contemporary learning and his teaching methods allow students to enjoy exceptional and memorable learning opportunities.

On Stef Paquette
Stéphane Paquette wears many hats: singer, songwriter, radio host, actor, actor and cultural mediator in native education for the Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l ‘Ontario (CSPGNO). The Franco-Ontarian multidisciplinary artist takes the time to listen, to write and above all to share. Alone with his musical instruments or accompanied by his group, Stéphane travels Canada for years, playing countless festivals, concerts, major events and school workshops. Recognized for his ability to rally fans and for his energetic personality, he is the person who has the most positive influence on the community of Northern Ontario and spends his days creating entertaining videos for the school board.

SOURCE Ontario Office of Educational Communication in French (TFO)

For further information: Media contact: Mélanie Grenier, head of corporate communications, Groupe Média TFO, T: 416 968-8321, C: 416 527-2212, [email protected]; Carole Dubé, Director of Communications, Public School Board of the Far North of Ontario, Tel. : 705 671-1533 (ext. 2233), Cell. : 705 929-3117, [email protected] ]]> OnePlus Nord N200 5G delivers an even more affordable Android experience at $ 210 Mon, 10 Jan 2022 12:24:45 +0000

Amazon now offers the OnePlus Nord N200 5G 64 GB Android smartphone for $ 209.99 shipped. Typically selling $ 240, we haven’t seen too many discounts on the budget handset, with today’s deal coming in at under $ 10 off the Black Friday price tag, marking the second best yet and getting you save $ 30 in total. Offering a more affordable way to get started in Android gaming, the OnePlus Nord N200 still offers more engaging features like 5G connectivity and a 6.49-inch 90Hz HD display. Its internal 5,000mAh battery delivers autonomy of a day, or even part, with an array of triple-sensor cameras on the back to complete the handset. Dive into our launch coverage for a closer look, then head below to find out more.

If the included internal storage won’t reduce it, leveraging some of your savings on Samsung’s latest EVO Select microSD card Worth to be considered. Whether you have a huge library of photos that you’d like to have close at hand or just plan to use the 64GB of built-in storage, grabbing the 128 GB card for only $ 17 seems like a remarkable way to get the most out of the handset.

Last week we saw Amazon dump the OnePlus 9 Pro stock with $ 219 discounts that are always to be taken for those who want a high end experience. Then go charge your new Android smartphone by consulting all the offers of applications and games to take now. This week has seen a whole collection of new additions released thanks to Google Play, which you can dive into here.

Features of the OnePlus Nord N200:

It’s 5G for everyone with the OnePlus Nord N200 5G, enabling blazingly fast upload and download speeds. The large, clear 90Hz Full HD display puts immersive all-day entertainment in the palm of your hands. Powered by a massive 5000mAh battery, you can rest assured that the Nord N200 5G can handle all your movies, TV shows, and games without breaking a sweat.

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German SPD official defends pro-Nord Stream 2 policy Sat, 08 Jan 2022 15:56:00 +0000

FRANKFURT, January 8 (Reuters) – The Nord Stream 2 pipeline intended to bring Russian gas to Germany should not be confused with political and human rights conflicts with Moscow, a senior Social Democratic Party official said ( SPD) which heads the German coalition government. Reuters.

The pipeline was completed in September, but is awaiting approval from German and European regulators, and some politicians – in Germany and abroad – have said it should be blocked due to several political disagreements with Russia.

“Nord Stream 2 is, so to speak, almost connected to the network, only the lack of legal permissions hindering the definitive start of operations,” SPD secretary general Kevin Kuehnert said in an interview.

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“At some point there has to be political and legal peace in such a discussion,” he added.

Kuehnert said the project, led by Russian company Gazprom, should not be confused with responses to Russia’s territorial controversies with Ukraine and human rights issues, where Berlin had clear positions and diplomatic strategies.

The SPD’s support for the pipeline under the Baltic Sea, a geopolitical irritant for the United States and countries like Ukraine and Poland, contrasts with the stance of its junior coalition partner the Greens, but reflects the stance of the ‘Former Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats’ (CDU).

Merkel said the pipeline was a commercial project, a line operated by SPD Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

In another taunt against the Greens over the EU’s energy definitions – which classified nuclear power and gas as climate-friendly – Kuehnert said trying to reject the Brussels proposals was “utopian”, given that Germany’s opposition to nuclear power put it in a minority position. Read more

The EU also supports the use of gas as a transitional technology under certain conditions until renewable energies and clean hydrogen can replace it. read more Kuehnert said a majority of environmental groups accepted this reasoning.

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Reporting by Andreas Rinke Writing by Vera Eckert Editing by Mark Potter

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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US says Cruz’s Nord Stream 2 sanctions plan would undermine united front Thu, 06 Jan 2022 21:56:00 +0000

WASHINGTON, Jan.6 (Reuters) – The US State Department has said a bill pushed by Republican Senator Ted Cruz to impose sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline would undermine the united front in response to Russia, a spokesman Ned Price said Thursday. .

“Our concern is that, if passed, the legislation will only serve to undermine the unity among our European allies at a crucial time when we must present a unified front in response to Russian threats against Ukraine,” said Price to reporters.

Cruz struck a deal with Democrats last month to secure a vote before Jan. 14 on the Russia-Germany pipeline in exchange for lifting his grip on dozens of Democratic President Joe Biden’s ambassadorial appointments.

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As part of the deal, Cruz’s bill, which would impose measures on the pipeline under previous terms, would need 60 votes to pass, a hurdle in the 50-50 Senate, where bipartisanship is rare. .

US officials are joining three rounds of talks involving Russia from Monday as Washington tries to deter Moscow from invading Ukraine after massing tens of thousands of troops along its border.

The Biden administration objected to the pipeline because it would bypass Ukraine, depriving it of lucrative transit fees. But last year, he lifted sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG, the company that controls the project, as Biden sought to restore relations with Germany and other European allies.

The $ 11 billion pipeline, run by Russian state gas company Gazprom, could be approved by German regulators in the middle of the year, the chief executive of Uniper SE (UN01.DE), one of the five European energy companies participating in the financing of the gas pipeline, said this week.

Few Democrats in the Senate are likely to support the Cruz Bill, which imposes sanctions in the weeks after it is signed and allows Congress to vote to reinstate the measures if the president renounces them.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat who supported sanctions against Nord Stream 2, called Cruz’s legislation “untimely” as Washington should work closely with Germany and others on possible Russian action in Ukraine , according to a Politico report this week. Shaheen and other Democratic senators opposed support for Bill Cruz, according to the report.

Price said the administration is committed to working with Congress on a strong deterrent against Russian aggression in Ukraine. “Unfortunately, this amendment is not, in our opinion, a real effort to counter further Russian aggression or to protect Ukraine,” he said.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, has been pushing for the pipeline because it needs natural gas as it moves away from coal and nuclear power.

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Reporting by Daphne Psaledakis and Timothy Gardner; written by Costas Pitas; Editing by Franklin Paul and Jonathan Oatis

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Borrell to not discuss Nord Stream 2 during Ukraine visit Tue, 04 Jan 2022 17:48:25 +0000

The European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell declined to address the subject of Nord Stream 2 during his visit to Ukraine. The head of European diplomacy told Polish newspaper PAP.

Borrell said they were now focusing all of their efforts on defusing tensions and preventing the situation from deteriorating. According to him, the decision on the gas pipeline is entirely in the hands of the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), which acts as state regulator in the Nord Stream 2 agreement, reports Lenta.

Previously, the head of one of Nord Stream 2’s investment companies, CEO of German energy company Uniper Klaus-Dieter Maubach, said certification of the gas pipeline could be completed by mid-2022. He added that BNetzA’s verification of the deal is fully in line with plans.

On January 4, it was also learned that the US Senate was preparing a package of sanctions against Nord Stream 2. A representative of the Republican faction in the Senate said the vote would take place on January 14. He assured that the Senate would adopt the sanctions. bill and submit it to the House of Representatives.

Nonetheless, US President Joe Biden has already signed the 2022 US defense budget in December 2021. The law provides resources to contain Russia, but new sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline were dropped in the document.

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Putin: Nord Stream 2 could help bring down high energy prices in Europe | Oil and Gas News Wed, 29 Dec 2021 22:40:45 +0000

The $ 11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline is currently awaiting approval from Germany and the European Union.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that a new pipeline to Germany had been filled with natural gas, noting that it could help quickly reduce soaring energy prices in Europe.

The $ 11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline is currently awaiting approval from Germany and the European Union, and officials have warned that a decision will not come in the first half of 2022.

The first of its two routes was filled with gas in October, and Russian state-controlled natural gas company Gazprom said on Wednesday it had completed filling the second to make it fully operational.

Putin pointed to the surge in energy prices in Europe, adding that Nord Stream 2 could help stabilize markets quickly.

“This additional new route will certainly help stabilize prices in European markets,” Putin said in a meeting with energy officials. “This would undoubtedly affect prices in the spot market, and consumers in countries that use Russian gas will feel it immediately.”

The new 1,234-kilometer (765-mile) pipeline, which has an annual capacity of 55 billion cubic meters (1.9 trillion cubic feet), would double the volume of gas pumped by Gazprom directly to Germany, adding to a similar pipeline under the Baltic Sea. Sea and bypassing existing links through Poland and Ukraine.

Critics of Nord Stream 2 in the US, Ukraine and Poland warn it will increase Russia’s influence over Europe, pit EU member states against each other and deprive Ukraine of revenue transit. Washington has stressed that it is targeting Nord Stream 2 to counter any further Russian military action against Ukraine.

Moscow has denied Western claims that it was making plans to attack Ukraine. He insisted that Nord Stream 2 is a purely commercial project that will help ensure a more reliable long-term supply and save billions of dollars in transit fees paid to Poland and Ukraine.

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