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The specialists of the Fortuna barge welded the last pipe of the two strands of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline on September 6, 2021. Credit: © Nord Stream 2 / Axel Schmidt

Polish state-owned oil and gas company Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG) has been authorized to participate in the certification process for the $ 11.2 billion Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, which will have transport capacity of 55 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas once it is operational.

Earlier this month, Gazprom completed construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will transport Russian gas to Europe via the Baltic Sea.

This project consists of a double gas pipeline that stretches nearly 1,230 km from Russia to Germany.

Nord Stream 2, the pipeline holding company owned by Gazprom International Projects, a subsidiary of Russian state-owned company Gazprom, is now undertaking the necessary pre-commissioning activities.

The granting of participation rights to Poland by the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) is important as Ukraine and Poland oppose the pipeline project.

Poland fears the project could threaten the security of European countries while Ukraine expects to lose around $ 3 billion (£ 2.2 billion) a year from its gas transit charges.

To allay those fears, in July this year, the United States and Germany reached a truce agreement over the pipeline dispute, with Berlin promising to impose sanctions on Russia if Moscow threatens the energy security of its countries. neighbors.

The United States has said the project will undermine Ukraine’s role in energy transit and make Europe dependent on Russian gas.

In a statement, PGNiG said: “The German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur, BNetzA) has granted Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA and its German subsidiary – PGNiG Supply & Trading GmbH the participation in the certification procedure for Nord Stream 2 ”.

According to Poland, the company Nord Stream 2 does not meet formal and substantial certification requirements in the preferential independent transport operator (ITO) model, Russian news agency Tass reported.

He added that “a positive decision by the BNetzA would endanger the security of supply of the EU and of the Member States”.

PGNiG Chairman of the Board Pawel Majewski said the costs of the entire pipeline.

Earlier this week, the International Energy Agency (IEA) called on Russia to supply more gas to Europe as the continent faces an energy crisis.

The Paris-based global energy watchdog added: “The IEA believes that Russia could do more to increase the availability of gas in Europe and ensure that storage is filled to adequate levels for the future. next winter heating season.

The call follows concerns in Europe over Moscow’s decision not to increase gas exports to Europe in October despite gas reaching record prices across the continent.

The EU has accused Moscow of deliberately blocking gas supplies pending regulatory clearance for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

This project would allow Moscow to double its gas exports to Germany.

Gazprom officials have reportedly said that once the pipeline is approved, Russia could increase gas sales to Europe.

The pipeline project originates from eastern Russia and crosses Finnish, Swedish and Danish waters before ending near the German Baltic Sea coast.

The commissioning of the pipeline is subject to the approval of the German regulator. This approval is expected to take up to four months, according to Interfax.

Russian authorities expect the project to enter service by the end of 2021.

In August, a German court ruled that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline could not be exempted from EU fair competition rules which require pipeline owners to be different from gas suppliers.

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Germany’s next cabinet unlikely to shut down Nord Stream 2, says Bundestag committee chairman – Business & Economy Wed, 22 Sep 2021 16:48:41 +0000

BERLIN, September 22. / TASS /. The process of forming the next ruling coalition in Germany could stall and the future cabinet of ministers is unlikely to shut down Nord Stream 2, Bundestag Economic and Energy Committee Chairman Klaus Ernst said on Wednesday , in response to TASS’s request.

“I consider it unrealistic that the future federal government could stop the project, even if it wanted to. I am happy that the project is finally coming to an end,” he said. Ernst “doesn’t think the new German government will be formed by December,” the Left Party politician added.

Elections for the Bundestag will take place in Germany on September 26, after which a new government and a new chancellor will appear in the country. The German Green Party, which opposes Nord Stream 2, is likely to enter the cabinet of ministers. The current government led by Angela Merkel has stressed that construction of the pipeline should be completed.

The construction of Nord Stream 2 was fully completed on September 10. Before pumping can begin, the project operator must submit certificates of compliance with technical standards to the Stralsund Mining Authority. It should also be registered as an independent transport operator – the federal network agency (Bundesnetzagentur) is to issue the certification by January 8, 2022. The agency cannot ban gas pumping, but is it starts before the registration is finalized, the operator will be fined.

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Controversial Paris Gare du Nord expansion scrapped due to soaring prices Wed, 22 Sep 2021 05:21:35 +0000

The national operator of French railways announced Tuesday evening that it was abandoning the gigantic and controversial plan to transform the Gare du Nord in Paris, citing “unbearable deviations”, especially in terms of cost.

The overhaul was designed with Ceetrus, a subsidiary of the Auchan supermarket chain.

“In view of the unsustainable differences in contractual commitments, SNCF Gares & Connexions” can only note the serious failure of its concessionaire and declare its withdrawal, “said the SNCF subsidiary in charge of stations in a press release.

The project consisted of tripling the area of ​​the largest train station in Europe in preparation for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will take place in the French capital.

Following the SNCF’s announcement, the Paris city council called for “no further postponement of the modernization and renovation of the station”.

“We are available and ready to undertake a new project to renovate the Gare du Nord in the service of daily users, urban integration and intermodality,” said Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy mayor, in a press release.

Spiral costs

SNCF Gares & Connexions had been warned in July that the estimated cost of the work had slipped, bringing the bill to more than 1.5 billion euros, against the 500 million euros still envisaged at the end of 2020, and that there was a “significant delay” preventing it from being completed by the 2024 Olympics as initially planned.

After having abandoned the project with Ceetrus, SNCF Gares & Connexions now promises “a rapid adaptation of the Gare du Nord to the challenges” of the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and the Olympic Games in 2024.

It also undertakes to “design a new transformation project (…) drawn up in close consultation with the public actors concerned”.

The concession was awarded to SA Gare du Nord 2024 (StatioNord), a joint venture formed by the real estate company Ceetrus (66%), a subsidiary of Auchan – in charge of design, works and financing – and SNCF Gares & Connections.

In the initial version of the transformation project, the Gare du Nord was to have a total surface area of ​​124,000 m² to which is added 88,000 m², nearly half of which would be devoted to an auditorium, cultural facilities, a sports hall as well as as shops and offices.

The project had been the subject of a long controversy with the City of Paris, which had deemed it too commercial and disconnected from the neighborhood, although it had initially approved it.

In September 2020, around twenty renowned architects, including Jean Nouvel and Roland Castro, denounced an “unacceptable” and “pharaonic” project in a column published by the daily Le Monde, calling for it to be “fundamentally redesigned” in height ”.

Reduced aspirations

A less ambitious version of the project was adopted in November which reduced the surface area of ​​shops and services by 15% (or approximately 7,500 square meters) and eliminated the auditorium.

The schedule also pushed back the project deadlines.

It provided for a reconfiguration of the Eurostar terminal before the Rugby World Cup in September 2023, and the delivery of the new departure terminal for June 2024, just in time for the Olympic Games.

But the inauguration of the new complex was no longer expected before 2025.

More than 700,000 people pass through the Gare du Nord every day “and 900,000 are expected by 2030,” said Aude Landy-Berkowitz, Chairman of the Board of StatioNord, in January.

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OnePlus sends notice to lawyer who says Nord 2 exploded Tue, 21 Sep 2021 12:07:44 +0000

After reports of a OnePlus Nord 2 explosion hit the media, the China-based company has now sent a legal notice to the lawyer who tweeted about it earlier this month, l ‘accusing of a smear campaign.

On September 8, lawyer Gaurav Gulati had tweeted, with images, a burnt OnePlus Nord 2 phone that allegedly caught fire and exploded while Gulati was in his office in Delhi. Pictures show a burnt back and a burnt phone inside in a lawyer jacket, which also appears to have been damaged by fire.

Lawyer Gaurav Gulati tweeted the copy of the opinion on Saturday. Oneplus confirmed To NDTV that they issued a “cease and desist” notice to Gulati.

The notice says the owner of the Nord 2 phone made “self-contradictory statements” with malicious intent to damage the company’s reputation.

He added that the “derogatory content” appeared “retributive, speculative, suggesting a smear campaign” to defame the company.

The advisory then asked Gulati to delete her original tweets and post in writing a clarification of her statements to the media during the phone “explosion”.

According to the notice, Gulati did not hand over his phone for investigation or let company officials examine it. He Recount NDTV that he found the investigative team unresponsive and believed that handing over the phone might falsify any evidence that the explosion had taken place. He also said the phone was not charging or in use at the time of the incident.

This is the second such incident reported with the Nord 2 line of phones.

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Nord Stream 2 could still find itself in “ruin of investment” Mon, 20 Sep 2021 16:00:00 +0000

Nord Stream 2, the controversial pipeline, could still fail, according to European Greens co-leader Reinhard Butikofer.

In a maintenance with german dpa, the co-chair of the green party in the european parliament said that there are still obstacles that Nord Stream 2 needs to remove before it goes into operation, and even after lifting them, the european commission could still stop the project and make it an “investment ruin”.

Nord Stream 2 is expected to double the capacity of an existing gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea to Germany, to 110 billion cubic meters per year. It has exacerbated bilateral problems between Russia and the EU because its route bypasses Ukraine, which depends on Russian gas transit charges for much of its budget revenue.

At the same time, there are fears that more Russian gas entering Europe will make it more vulnerable to Russian political pressure.

Regardless, much of Europe is currently in an urgent need for natural gas amid lower than normal inventories and sharply rising demand that has led to a surge in gas prices. .

“The cry of triumph with which the Russian side is celebrating the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is premature,” Butikofer told dpa. He then listed three remaining challenges for Gazprom.

First, it must decouple its gas production operations from its gas infrastructure operations. The unbundling rule aims to prevent gas monopolies. Second, Gazprom must give third parties the right to introduce gas into the pipeline, which it has not yet done. Third and last, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline must receive the green light from the German authorities, which is also pending.

However, even if the German authorities grant Gazprom and its Nord Stream partners a permit for the pipeline, the European Commission can cancel it if it finds that the project violates European energy law, explained the EP official. .

By Irina Slav for Oil Octobers

More reads on Oil Octobers:

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OnePlus Nord 2 5G review: the mid-range workbook Mon, 20 Sep 2021 15:47:01 +0000

Frankly, I’ve been using the OnePlus Nord 2 for over a month, and I have a lot to say about the device. I would start by saying how wrong I was about the company’s “North 2” decision. Initially, when the smartphone came out, I thought, why would OnePlus go this route and introduce another mid-range device right after the Nord CE 5G. Especially when the more expensive variant of the Nord 2 5G is offered in the same range as that of the OnePlus 9R. But after using the device for a while, my perspective completely changed.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G review: design and bodywork

OnePlus Nord 2 5G is a beautiful smartphone. In terms of design, it is as good as a very high end device, and since I have the PU leather variant (Green Woods) it looks even more beautiful. It’s classy and pleasing to the eye. The feeling that the PU leather gives on the palms is so soft. The OnePlus Nord 2 5G comes with curved edges and rounded corners. It is comfortable to hold in your hands and you can even operate the device with one hand.


There’s no 3.5mm audio jack, but you get a Type-C port at the bottom with support for fast charging. The power button is on the right, and just above the power button is the alert slider that’s so clickable that even an up or down movement is so satisfying. The volume rockers are on the left side, while the SIM tray is on the bottom left.

As I said in first impressions of the smartphone, the OnePlus Nord 2 5G has a nice rear camera layout. The camera bump is very similar to that of the OnePlus 9 and is way better than the camera bump of the OnePlus 9R, honestly. The two large sensors are nicely placed and the subtle green metal that envelops the sensors is really aesthetic. Let’s move on to the display and see how the device is there.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G test: Display


OnePlus Nord 2 5G comes with a 6.43-inch Fluid AMOLED display that supports a 90Hz refresh rate. There’s only a slightly thick bottom bezel; apart from that the edges are very thin and you will get a perforated cutout on the top left housing the selfie sensor. I have to say that the 90Hz refresh rate on OxygenOS 11.3 looks like 120Hz due to the sheer finesse.

The screen is as responsive as it can get. Whether you are playing a game and tapping super fast or watching a video, it will respond to all aspects. It supports Always-On-Display (AOD) which is very useful for someone like me as I don’t need to turn on the smartphone to check the time over and over again.

I had changed the screen settings and enabled “AI Resolution boost” and “AI Color boost”, which also impacted the type of experience I got from the device’s display. . Note that I have used the device completely in dark mode throughout.

The OnePlus Nord 2 5G has outright one of the best screens on a smartphone in the mid-range section.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G review: performance and battery


The OnePlus Nord 2 5G is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI processor paired with up to 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 256GB of internal storage. It can do almost anything you want to do on a smartphone. The processor and system are so well integrated that loading apps is a quick experience and even switching between them is no problem. Note that I had used the 12GB RAM variant.

Playing heavy games has been a very smooth experience with the OnePlus Nord 2 5G. It didn’t overheat and could deliver the graphics very comfortably. In terms of connectivity, the smartphone can support many more 5G bands than the OnePlus 9R. The OnePlus Nord 2 5G can support N40, N41 and N78 5G NR NSA bands and N41, N40, N78, N1, N3 and N28A 5G NR SA bands. This makes the device a convincing smartphone compared to its competitors which support fewer 5G bands.

The speakers of the OnePlus Nord 2 are fantastic. The sound that comes out is crisp and clear, especially very loud. The fingerprint sensor is the image of what we expect from OnePlus. You get amazing quick unlock experience with OnePlus fingerprint sensor.

Speaking of battery, the OnePlus Nord 2 has decent performance. It comes with a 4,500mAh battery that supports 65W fast charging. The fast charging experience is really good and consistent. With heavier apps, you might notice that the battery drains faster because its screen also works at a high refresh rate. Since it doesn’t overheat, you won’t see any abnormal battery drain problem.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G review: camera

Another area where the OnePlus Nord 2 5G won my heart was the camera department. The OnePlus Nord 2 5G comes with a triple camera setup on the back where the main sensor is a Sony IMX766 50MP lens paired with an 8MP ultra wide-angle sensor, a mono lens with a dual LED flash. You can zoom up to 10x and record videos at 4K 30fps with the OnePlus Nord 2 5G. Additional features like AI Photo Enhancement and AI Video Enhancement optimize the image very well to look good.

The camera app is very similar to what you’ll see on the OnePlus 9 series. It’s changed a bit from what OnePlus previously offered and looks like the camera app on Realme phones. The additional features are present at the top of the screen while the different modes are at the bottom. OnePlus has changed from “Pro” mode to “Expert” mode on this device.

Night mode captures good detail. The warmth and overall color of the images on the OnePlus Nord 2 5G stand out better than devices from the previous generation. The OnePlus Nord 2 5G has a solid camera. The focus is absolutely perfect, the colors are too beautiful and even clicking the zoom mode does not pixelate the image. The wide-angle shots on the OnePlus Nord 2 5G are decent if not the best.

OnePlus review
Normal mode
Rate the OnePlus camera
Ultra wide angle sensor
OnePlus Nord 2 review camera
2x zoom
OnePlus Nord 2 5G review

For selfies, there is a Sony IMX615 32MP sensor that captures great photos. Even in direct sunlight, the front camera sensor took a decent image. It’s even ideal for video calls and conferences.

OnePlus Camera Review
Normal selfie mode

OnePlus Nord 2 5G test: price and conclusion

The OnePlus Nord 2 5G is available in India in three different variants – 6GB + 128GB for Rs 27,999, 8GB + 128GB for Rs 29,999 and 12GB + 256GB for Rs 34,999. It is available in three colors. different – Gray Sierra, Blue Haze and Green Woods.

The OnePlus Nord 2 5G looks like a premium smartphone, to be honest. If instead of the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI SoC it was the Snapdragon 888 SoC, it would surely have made a place for itself in the premium segment.

The OnePlus Nord 2 5G is a very impressive device. It is a “mid-ranger class” in the truest sense of the word. From design to performance, everything about this smartphone is powerful and beautiful. If you are planning to buy a device in the Rs 35,000 range, this can surely be a top choice for you.


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Logless VPN: what it is and the BEST options: ExpressVPN, Nord VPN and more Sun, 19 Sep 2021 11:40:00 +0000

Logless VPN or Virtual Private Network is an important tool in ensuring that you are protecting both your security and privacy.

(Photo: by GREG BAKER / AFP via Getty Images)
A man plays a computer game at an internet cafe in Beijing on September 10, 2021, days after Chinese officials summoned game companies, including Tencent and NetEase, the two leaders in China’s multi-billion dollar games market. , to discuss new restrictions on the industry.

Some of the best options available include popular VPN brands namely NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

While there are tons of apps to choose from, we’ve narrowed the list down to the best log-free VPN choices.

What is a VPN No Log

But first, what is a log-less VPN, and why is it important to have it in 2021?

According to CyberNews, no-log VPNs do not store any user data or information, as the name suggests. That said, it is impossible to sell a user’s personal information to a third party for profit.

As such, it’s best to choose a VPN that has a strict no-logging policy to make sure it doesn’t sell your data to other companies.

In the first place, there is no information to sell in this model.

It should be noted that by using a VPN service our online activities and connections are exposed to said platform. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the company does not record any data that passes through its system.

With that in place, it ensures that your private information, such as search history and bank details, among others, is not stored anywhere else.

It would be important if the purpose of using a VPN service for most users was to prevent their ISP or Internet service provider from collecting their Internet activity and sensitive information.

Best Log-Free VPNs

With that said, here are some of the best logless VPNs for ensuring secure and private internet browsing.


According to Digital trends, this log-free VPN costs $ 13 per month and has over 3,000 servers in total.

On top of that, ExpressVPN supports various devices that specifically run Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.


It’s one of the cheapest log-free VPNs you can get. But its minimum price still competes with ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

VyprVPN has 700 servers in a total of 70 countries and offers a 12 month free promotion.

Moreover, this VPN also blocks geo-restricted content, like streaming Netflix or Disney Plus shows.

Nord VPN

On the other hand, this popular log-free VPN is available for just $ 12 per month, which supports Windows, macOS, Linus, iOS, and Android devices.

Nord VPN also has over 5,200 servers in various countries.

Read also: Google Fi VPN is deployed on iPhone before Apple Private Relay: release date, features, etc.


This log-free VPN option is priced at $ 13 per month, similar to ExpressVPN and not far from Nord VPN.

Just like other VPNs, CyberGhost also supports Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS.

Its number of servers is greater than 7,300.

By the way, here are some of the best VPN apps for Android users in 2021. Plus, here are the top VPN picks for Windows 10.

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This article is the property of Tech Times

Written by Teejay Boris

2021 All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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Nord Stream II: geopolitical and environmental hazard Sun, 19 Sep 2021 10:08:55 +0000


September 19, 2021

While much of the controversy surrounding the construction of the 1,224 km Nord Stream 2 pipeline has revolved around geopolitical concerns, its environmental implications have been at best underestimated and at worst explicitly ignored.

Owned by the famous Russian energy company Gazprom, Nord Stream 2 will transport natural gas from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea, alongside the existing Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline corresponding to its export capacity. Over the past decade, it has been one of the most controversial projects internationally approved by the German state: the United States has implacably opposed its construction across administrations, fearing an increased dependence of the EU on Russian energy sources. However, the environmental impact of the project was largely lost in the geopolitical melee.

Since the pipeline has already been built (he finished construction at the beginning of September), there is no need to rehash the habitat disturbance that the development of the pipeline has caused to the fragile marine ecosystems of the Baltic Sea. However, what remains at stake from a climate point of view is the role that this pipeline will play in the German – and generally European – transition to clean energy.

Nord Stream 2 will double the EU’s natural gas imports from Russia, increasing Nord Stream’s annual delivery capacity from 55 billion to 110 billion cubic meters. These figures are quite unfathomable in themselves: to put them in perspective, 55 billion cubic meters are enough to supply Sweden with natural gas for 55 years (according to its consumption level in 2020).

Meanwhile, the German state has set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2045 – an objective which will require no longer to depend on nuclear and coal energy sources (set for 2022 and 2038, respectively). The fact that the German state is in the process of finalizing its approval for another fossil gas pipeline suggests some ambiguity about its intentions to follow through on its environmental commitments.

Although the proponents argued that natural gas should be considered a transitional energy source needed to pivot to a clean energy future, the lead energy expert at the German Institute for Economic Research described Nord Stream 2 as “unnecessary” and “commercially ineffective”.

Although natural gas production emits less carbon than other fossil fuels like coal, Nord Stream 2 is still a step in the wrong direction: the pipeline is expected to emit at least 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually (not counting the environmental damage associated with methane), which probably puts Germany emission reduction targets out of reach.

Construction of the pipeline is complete – that’s clear – however, there are still a few hurdles to overcome before natural gas begins to flow through its metal veins: EU energy regulations and German certification.

Gazprom is appealing a recent court ruling that subjects the company to EU regulations regarding the separation of ownership between producers, carriers and distributors of natural gas. While this question will be settled by the courts, the question of whether Germany certify Nord Stream 2 will probably be settled at the ballot box in the German federal elections on September 26.

While Angela Merkel of the CDU defended the project during her chancellery, the German Greens have committed to shutting down the pipeline if he comes to power.

Image by Robson machado

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The start of Quick Nord Stream 2 would calm the record gas Fri, 17 Sep 2021 10:00:27 +0000

An early start of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany could help calm record gas prices in Europe, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday as Moscow awaits clearance regulatory for the start of gas flows.

Russia announced last week that it had completed construction of the $ 11 billion Nord Stream 2 to Germany, doubling its capacity to export gas via the Baltic Sea. However, starting gas flows via the road requires approval from the German regulator, which can take up to four months.

“Without a doubt, the faster launch of Nord Stream 2 would significantly balance the parameters of natural gas pricing in Europe, including in the spot market. It is obvious. The demand is high,” Peskov said during the report. a daily conference call with journalists.

Spot prices in the Dutch gas hub TTF hit a record high of 79 euros per megawatt hour on Wednesday, or more than $ 960 per 1,000 cubic meters, amid low levels of underground gas storage in Europe.

A record rise in energy prices that has pushed electricity costs in Europe to multi-year highs is not expected to subside until the end of the year, indicating a costly winter heating season for consumers.

Last week Russian President Vladimir Putin said European customers of Kremlin-owned energy giant Gazprom “rub their hands with glee” over long-term gas contracts which are tied to oil prices and are less expensive. volatile.

Gazprom chief Alexei Miller said on Wednesday gas would not start flowing through Nord Stream 2 on October 1, as reported by Bloomberg.


Interfax quoted Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak as saying on Wednesday that the Russian Energy Ministry is due to prepare a report in the coming days on the possibility of Rosneft exporting gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

At present, Gazprom holds the exclusive rights for Russian pipeline gas exports and EU regulations, the third energy package, require third party access to pipelines.

Kirill Tachennikov of Moscow-based financial firm Sinara said it was still not clear whether Rosneft’s possible involvement in gas exports via Nord Stream 2 would help Russia increase its gas supplies via the road.

“Regarding the third energy package, the EU’s position on the access of other Russian companies to the new gas pipeline is unclear,” he said.

The Department of Energy did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Rosneft declined to comment.

Oil-focused Rosneft and its shareholder, BP, have long sought to export Russian natural gas to Europe, as exports are more lucrative than domestic sales. Rosneft shares in Moscow jumped more than 4% in the day in afternoon trading.

Igor Sechin, the powerful Rosneft leader and longtime ally of President Vladimir Putin, has repeatedly lobbied the Kremlin to restrict Gazprom’s export rights.

Gazprom said its natural gas exports outside the former Soviet Union increased 17.4 percent year-on-year to 138.6 billion cubic meters.

Peskov said the possibility of Rosneft exporting gas to Europe had been raised several times, but no decision had yet been made.

(Reporting by Vladimir Soldatkin, Dmitry Antonov, Olesya Astakhova and Oksana Kobzeva; editing by David Evans, Elaine Hardcastle)

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Lille are the favorites of the northern derby Fri, 17 Sep 2021 07:37:11 +0000 > LIVE SCORES, STATISTICS AND COMMENTS Lens have collected nine points in their first five matches of the season, while Lille average one point per game and lost 2-1 at Lorient on Matchday 5 of the 2021-2022 League campaign. 1 Uber Eats. Last season Lille scored two …]]>

LENS – LILLE (kick off Saturday 16:00 GMT)


Lens have collected nine points in their first five matches of the season, while Lille average one point per game and lost 2-1 at Lorient on Matchday 5 of the 2021-2022 League campaign. 1 Uber Eats.

Last season Lille scored two fine victories – 4-0 at the Pierre Mauroy stadium and 3-0 at the Bollaert stadium – and Lens has not enjoyed any success in the derby since a 4-2 home victory in April 2006. LOSC was also on the right. It ended with a big score the last time the two clubs met at Bollaert with supporters present to create a heated atmosphere, with 4-1 winners in September 2010.

Haise: “Lille remains the favorite”

Haise knows the history and the standing of the neighbors of Lens: “Lille, with their champion status, remains the favorite. It’s a team that plays in the Champions League. We will try to be good challengers. my point of view, I consider that we have to win all our matches and that the players have the same mindset. “

Motivation will not be a problem for blood and where because the fervent support of the local public will underline the importance of the game to them: “The players know what the derby means for the supporters, even if there are no local players on the team. They don’t need callbacks and they have the desire to win the game. “

Haise can count on the return of several players since Cheick Doucouré is now free of suspension, Massadio Haïdara is also back from a calf problem and the fate of Ignatius Ganago in isolation following his international duty with Cameroon has ended .

Gourvennec: “Every detail counts”

Lens, a 3-2 winner at Bordeaux on Sunday, had a few extra days to prepare for the derby compared to Lille, who played in the Champions League on Tuesday, drawing 0-0 at home against Bundesliga club Wolfsburg.

Haise commented: “Of course I watched Lille play in the Champions League. They lived up to their bill as French champions. It showed us all the hard work we need to do before facing them this week. -end. They were playing in the Champions League, while we were watching it on TV. “

Lille coach Jocelyn Gourvennec said: “We have four days to recover before the derby and we are going to do our recovery well. Every hour counts. Immediately after the match, we were directly in a treatment and a meal in order to have the right fuel on board and to hydrate. Every detail counts. The staff work well alongside the team. Now we have to get into derby mode. Our fans are waiting for this match. They come twice a season and we have to recover to show our best side on Saturday. “

Renato Sanches, Tim Weah and Jonathan Bamba are still on LOSC’s injured list, reducing Gourvennec’s offensive options. The new club boss is hoping the recorded clean sheet against Wolfsburg is the shape of things to come, given that Lille have already conceded 11 league goals this season, almost half (23) than they did in of their victorious campaign. when they boasted of the nastiest defense in the Premier League.

Likely teams:

Objective: (to be continued)

Lille: (to be continued)

>> Gourvennec: “We saw the real LOSC tonight”

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