Community partners together to help the Hispanic and Latino community get vaccinated against COVID-19

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – This is a targeted effort to help immunize the Hispanic and Latino community.

Community partners have teamed up to help break down barriers so they can be protected against COVID-19.

It is a community of people within the community. Nassau Woods is home to around 300 families, people who before Wednesday were largely unvaccinated.

“We went to the homes here just to find out,” said Alfonso Ribot, president of the Hispanic Metropolitan Savannah Chamber of Commerce. “And we asked the question were you vaccinated, 80% of them said no.”

This was a concern for the Hispanic Metropolitan Savannah Chamber of Commerce, so they partnered with the St. Joseph’s / Candler Health System to bring the vaccine directly to Hispanic and Latino neighborhoods.

“We feel privileged to be asked to do this,” said Sister Pat Baber, director of St. Mary’s Community and Health Centers in the St. Joseph’s / Candler Health System. “I mean it’s a great gift for us and a blessing for us to be able to come here and see the joy and know that you know we could prevent a death.”

According to the CDC, Hispanic and Latino people are more likely not only to contract COVID-19, but also to be hospitalized and die from it. Georgia Vaccine Dashboard shows that only 26.5% of Hispanics in Chatham County received their first dose.

“The biggest obstacle is access,” Ribot explained. “It’s not available when people can access it, most vaccines are during the day and that’s when they work.”

They say transportation, language, and confidence can be concerns, and this event shatters all of those by meeting them at home and alongside familiar faces. A resident of Nassau Woods received his first dose on Wednesday for his birthday. For Carlos Ramirez, he did it as a testimony.

“As the pastor of the Latino community here in Savannah, it’s a way of telling them, of telling everyone in our community that I believe it’s safe,” said Ramirez, Latino outreach pastor for the Christian Church of Compassion. “This is the right thing to do. We are doing it for our families for our communities and so that we can leave this behind.”

More than two dozen people were vaccinated against Pfizer at the first clinic, but with several events planned, executives know the word will spread.

“I think we can learn a lesson from them,” said Sister Pat Baber. “Come on, take care of your community, take care of yourself. But by taking care of yourself by getting vaccinated, you are taking care of the community. “

Not only do events like this help specific neighborhoods, but our collective immunity globally.

The next St. Joseph’s / Candler event is scheduled for June 17th at Regency on Quacco Road from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm They will also be at Savannah Pines on Old Dean Forest Road on June 18 from 5:30 pm to 7 pm: 30:00 a.m. and the 20th from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana in Savannah on Gamble Road.

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