Complete list: How to tell all real art from fake in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

Where Redd the Fox got all this art, we’ll never know. Animal Crossing: New HorizonThe fishiest visitor has started to arrive on your north coast aboard a trawler filled with some of the world’s most valuable works of art, but most of them are fakes. Does he know they are wrong? If so, why bother selling the real ones too? It’s hard to say, but to tell the difference between all these real and fake statues and paintings is no easy task: I’ve seen people on Twitter somewhat shocked that their art history degrees are becoming this. special kind of practice.

For starters, only one of the works of art on display will be real, so you have a 1 in 4 chance of choosing well if you choose at random. If you can eliminate one or two, you’re on the right track.

For the full list of real and fake paintings, click here.

For the full list of real and fake statues, click here.

Note: you will not receive them when ordering. Redd will put his little Ginko Lead symbol next to the one you bought and he will send it to you the next day.

The biggest problem with identifying them is that you won’t know what the real names of these works of art are without bringing them to Blathers: on the ship, they’re all reduced to weird little descriptors. by Van Gogh Starry Night becomes “Twinkling Painting”, La Joconde becomes “Famous Painting”, and so on. For the most famous, you can probably figure it out. But you won’t know the exact names of most of the artwork you view.

Once you give them to Blathers, however, it will display them with the real name. It’s going to take a tremendous amount of time to fill that whole area, with what Redd’s visit looks like about a week and only one genuine article per visit. Time travel isn’t even very useful with this one – it would still be a huge undertaking even if you had to cheat. But that’s the idea of ​​the game, I guess. It takes time.

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