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Among the personal credits that can be used in case of need, fast credits occupy a prominent place. Quick and easy loans have been increasing in recent years in Spain and respond almost immediately to urgent money needs, such as an unexpected or unexpected expense that requires a quick disbursement of money.

The particular conditions of the immediate credits make them especially attractive when a small amount of money is sought, with credits of up to 1000 euros, in a timely manner, with a short-term repayment period.

Type of fast online credit

Type of fast online credit

Good Finance offers a type of fast online credit that we call Advance, because of its characteristics it can well be considered as a payroll advance. Fast bad credit loans are not a suitable form of financing for large purchases, but to take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise be lost or faced with payments, which would generate more expenses.

For example, one of the reasons that leads our clients to request a quick credit is to pay a fine that would otherwise be aggravated by delay and loss of discount.

Fast credit without documentation

Fast credit without documentation

Based on technology, we have recently improved our service, offering immediacy in granting fast paperless credits. Thus, customers who wish can access their online banking during the application process to obtain a response in record time.

Good Finance’ fast paperless credits are limited in quantity and duration. We never advise to apply for a credit online if you have problems of financial solvency. The purpose is not to cover a debt with another, but we are committed to consumer responsibility, offering a way to obtain immediate money, with the prospect of short-term payment – a month at the most, except for exceptional extensions.

When requesting a personal credit, the processing can take several days. While the immediate online credits allow you to receive the money in your account in minutes.

Quick credit without payroll

Quick credit without payroll

Is it possible to apply for a quick credit if you don’t have a payroll? This is one of the questions that our clients often ask us, and the answer is yes. Provided that income can be justified in some way.

In this sense, whether you are self-employed, or if you are unemployed or are a pensioner, you can receive an easy credit, if you justify your income.

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