French farmers sell to the public using vending machines

This is the post-Covid farm store – produce fresh, but sold in refrigerated vending machines.

The products on offer include seasonal fruits and vegetables, dairy products, bread, pasta, juices, olives and meat, along with pork, veal, rabbit, duck and poultry.

The customer chooses the food, presses the locker number, pays by credit card and the door opens so the goods can be taken away.

The shop, set up by a group of farmers, is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. in Albias, a few minutes from Montauban, Tarn-et-Garonne.

Poultry farmer Hannah Gauleau-Mille said: “There is more and more demand for good quality local foods, and this is a way to get them supplied without having to invest in staff or take up our precious time. for sale.

“My birds are outside and I have my own slaughterhouse, so I can guarantee the quality.

“Our bread supplier uses local grains made into flour at a local mill, and we only sell what our farmers have to offer at all times.”

After the first containment, the farmers set up ‘Drive de nos Fermes’, where customers give an order in advance that they can pick up at distribution points twice a week.

‘We had to diversify’

“We had to diversify because many members of our group had to find new markets because they could no longer sell to school canteens or restaurants.

“The locker system is ideal for people who want to shop without planning ahead, with easy access at all times.

“We are close to a main road, therefore accessible. You can also reserve the contents of a locker, accessible by code for up to six hours if you cannot reach us right away.

“We think this type of program is a good idea for the farmers of the future.”

They are not the first in France to have this idea – there are a few others, but they feel they are the only ones to offer such a range of products.

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