Good causes in the Vale benefit from the White Horse community lottery

Since its first draw in September, the White Horse Community Lottery has already started raising funds for good causes across the Vale, allowing them to continue and expand their work with residents and vulnerable communities in the district.

The Free Vale of White Horse District Council Community Lottery was launched in June and so far 50 worthy causes have registered to be part of it. The council set up the lottery as a fun and creative way for volunteer and community groups to raise much-needed funds.

It is expected that the lottery will raise just over £ 30,000 over the next 12 months for organizations that have signed up to be part of the lottery and future organizations that wish to get involved.

One organization that has joined the lottery is the Abingdon branch of Riding for the Disabled. Thanks to its expertise with horses, the association offers therapy, fitness and development opportunities to adults and children with disabilities, aged 2 to 70 years.

Ann Barlow, President of Riding for the Disabled Group, Abingdon, said: “We are delighted to be part of the White Horse Community Lottery. The number of people we are helping is steadily increasing and since anyone can participate in the lottery, this is great publicity for us. This in turn means that those who have never heard of us before may decide to support us in other ways.

“The lottery also gives us a stable income for which we are very grateful. Horseback riding is the most amazing form of physiotherapy and a great help in concentration, balance, confidence and core strength. We support 90 disabled cyclists each week at our center just outside Southmoor.

Cllr Emily Smith, Vale of White Horse District Council Chief, recently went to meet with the volunteers and some of the riders to learn more about how they can use the funds they raise through the lottery program.

Cllr Emily Smith said, “I loved my visit to Riding for the Disabled. Ann and her team of volunteers are so dedicated to providing opportunities for children and adults to develop their skills and confidence, and everyone really enjoyed it. It’s wonderful to be able to support good causes like this across the district through the White Horse Community Lottery.

“Many charities haven’t been able to fundraise like they would have before the pandemic, so knowing that they can now get regular financial support through the lottery is great. I encourage other good causes in the district to join as well, it’s so easy and free to do.

Tickets cost just £ 1 and players can choose which local good or cause (s) they want to support when purchasing tickets. Prizes range from free entries to the raffle up to a jackpot of £ 25,000. The draw takes place every Saturday.

There are more details about the lottery and how organizations can register at

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