Gucci and Facebook file joint lawsuit against suspected infringer, World News


Gucci and Facebook have filed a joint lawsuit in California against an individual who allegedly used the US group’s social media platforms to sell fake Gucci products, the two companies said on Tuesday.

This initiative, a first of its kind for Gucci and Facebook, is the latest example of an Internet giant partnering with a luxury brand to fight the proliferation of counterfeit products sold through social media.

Amazon has filed similar lawsuits over the past year with Valentino and Ferragamo.

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In a statement, Gucci – the profit engine of the French group Kering – and Facebook alleged that the unidentified defendant used multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts to promote its international counterfeit business online.

Online sales of luxury handbags, shoes and clothing have exploded over the past year as the coronavirus pandemic has forced retailers to temporarily close their stores.

Groups like Facebook are keen to gain a foothold in the luxury market and ‘social commerce’, but to do so, they need to show that their platforms are not a vehicle for counterfeiting and are safe for brands. , some of which are reluctant to sell. their products through third-party players.

“Over one million pieces of content were removed from Facebook and Instagram in the first half of 2020, based on thousands of reports of counterfeit content from brand owners, including Gucci,” the statement said.

He added that by 2020 alone, the actions of Gucci’s internal intellectual property team resulted in the removal of four million counterfeit listings online, the seizure of 4,100,000 counterfeit products and the deactivation of 45,000 websites, including social media accounts.


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