Indy Scream Park haunted house actors create community

The Zombieland cast at Indy Scream Park didn’t waste a second when a colleague struggled financially.

The actors showed up at 10 p.m. one evening in front of their colleague’s house with a trunk full of groceries, water and medicines as a care package.

“We are a family,” said actor Kate Robinson, who powers Zombieland this year. “If you are going through what you are going through, we are going through it together. “

Attractions director Aubrey Stone said the team was unusually close. There are five individual lairs in the park, but the Zombieland team have created a remarkably close bond after meeting each other this season.

Stone has worked at Indy Scream Park for nine years. She said the actors do their own group chats and hang out.

“I was literally crying on my couch the other day watching how they were talking to each other,” Stone said. “Some of them say to each other without meeting, they don’t think they would still be there or that this place saved their lives.”

Robinson hadn’t expected the team from his lair to come close so quickly. She works as an actress and saw Indy Scream Park simply as a way to make money by acting. When added to a group chat by her manager, she assumed the conversations would focus only on her work.

Instead, Robinson and his colleagues realized that they were extremely similar people. Conversations quickly shifted from work to jokes and mental health issues. The team started spending time together often outside of work.

“They gave us a day in October for a day off,” said Robinson. “We decided to go to another haunted house. I was like, ‘Of course we would go to another haunted attraction on the day we get off.’ “

Indy Scream Park is open almost daily in October and ends the first weekend in November. Stone said teams often hang around year-round. The Zombieland team is no exception – the cast are already planning a “Friendsgiving” event next month.

Robinson said she plans to continue spending time with her team during the offseason. She considers the people she met at Indy Scream Park to be “longtime friends”.

“I was like, ‘This will just be another job,” Robinson said. “This has ended up being a season in my life where there are going to be people that I will never stop talking to.”

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