Iranian court charges French tourist arrested last year for ‘espionage’

JAKARTA, May 29 (Reuters) – An Iranian-flagged tanker seized by Indonesia in January for the alleged illegal transfer of oil has been released, an Indonesian official and Iranian state media said on Saturday.

Wisnu Pramandita, an Indonesian Coast Guard spokesman, said Iranian-flagged tanker MT Horse was released on Friday after a court ruling earlier in the week.

The court ruled the ship could leave Indonesia, while the captain would be subject to two years probation without fines, the spokesperson said.

Iran’s state broadcaster said the ship resumed its mission before returning home.

Jakarta said it seized the MT Horse for the alleged illegal transfer of oil into Indonesian waters, while Iran’s foreign ministry said the seizure was “a technical problem and this is happening in the field of shipping.”

“The MT Horse, belonging to the National Iranian Tanker Company which had been detained in Indonesian waters since January 24, was released on Friday,” national television station Seda va Sima said. “This ship has now resumed its mission before returning to the waters of the country.”

SHANA, the Iranian Oil Ministry’s news agency, quoted the oil company as saying, “The crew of the MT, with their sacrifice and steadfast determination to continue their mission, have protected Iran’s national interest. to maintain the export of its petroleum and petroleum products. “

Tehran, under severe US sanctions which mainly target its oil exports, has been accused of concealing the destination of its oil sales by disabling tracking systems on its tankers.

Last year, he used the MT Horse to deliver 2.1 million barrels of condensate to his compatriot Venezuelan sanctioned by the United States.

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