John Nichols: Move over Ron Johnson – Glenn Grothman claims ‘Most Racist Republican’ title | John nichols

As Grothman walked away, Plaskett said, “I hope my colleague from Wisconsin won’t be leaving for the time being because he has brought up Black Lives Matter. How dare you? How dare you say that Black Lives Matter, Blacks don’t understand old-fashioned families? Despite some of the problems, some of the things you said that I heard from you on the watch committee, in your own district, we have been able to keep our families alive for over 400 years.

Plaskett spoke passionately about “the assault on our families for not having black lives, or even not having black families” and asked, “How dare you say that we are not interested in families? of the black community? “

The delegate’s improvised remarks pierced the room.

“I was going to talk about the US bailout,” she said. “We know it’s going to be a relief to not only black lives, black Americans, but all Americans, that we care about children and their well-being, and at this point I surrender.

Members burst into applause when she concluded.

Plaskett’s words should not be forgotten as Wisconsin voters look to 2022.

No honest observer doubts that Wisconsin Democrats, Independents and responsible Republicans must reject Ron Johnson if he seeks re-election next year.

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