Juice WRLD posthumously presents 17 Top 100 songs, including a dozen Top 40 hits

Juice WRLD’s name is all over the Hot 100 this week, as are songs from his new album Legends never die, his first posthumous release which currently runs the Billboard 200, either make his debut in high positions or return to the top singles list in the United States for another rotation.

The 17 traditional songs presented on Legends never die (the project’s tracklist has 21 songs, although four of them are shorter tracks, such as intros and interludes) making their way into the Hot 100 this week, with nearly all of them becoming true chart wins, not would it be for that Frame.

12 of WRLD’s placements are in the top 40, certifying them as successes. Of these dozens of tracks, five are in the top 10, which is enough to make the rapper one of only three musical groups in US history to occupy half of the highest level on the count at a time.

MORE FORBESJuice WRLD signs yet another # 1 album less than a year after his death

MORE FORBESJuice WRLD makes history as he features five songs from his posthumous album in the Hot 100’s top 10

Only three songs – “Life’s a Mess” with Halsey, “Righteous” and “Tell Me U Luv Me” with Trippie Redd – have appeared on the Hot 100 before. Of this trio, only “Righteous” does not return to its leading position or improve its best performance, while the other two tracks enter the top 40 for the first time.

In addition to Halsey and Redd, several other stars join WRLD in its success, such as Marshmello, Polo G and his frequent collaborator The Kid Laroi are all credited not only on the tracks of the late rapper, but on those making their debut in the top. 10.

Here’s a look at how WRLD’s 17 songs were ranked in this week’s Hot 100.

MORE FORBESJuice WRLD makes history as he features five songs from his posthumous album in the Top 10 of the Hot 100

N ° 2 – “Come & Go” with Marshmello

N ° 5 – “Wanting well”

N ° 7 – “Conversations”

# 9 – “Life is a Mess” with Halsey

N ° 10 – “Hate the Other Side” with Marshmello, Polo G and The Kid Laroi

N ° 12 – “Blood on my jeans”

N ° 14 – “Titanic”

N ° 15 – “Fair”

N ° 16 – “Bad energy”

N ° 34 – “Stay high”

N ° 35 – “Fighting the Demons”

N ° 38 – “Tell Me U Luv Me” with Trippie Redd

N ° 42 – “Up and far”

N ° 46 – “Jus de vis”

N ° 47 – “I want it”

N ° 50 – “I cannot die”

N ° 51 – “Man of the year”

MORE FORBESJuice WRLD joins the Beatles and Drake as the only artists to simultaneously feature in the top 10 hits

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