Lakeview Community Partners Limited Launches Final Phase of Public Art Collaboration with Artscape, With Over $ 250,000 in Paid Work Opportunities for Local Artists


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Lakeview Community Partners Limited (LCPL), the developers behind Lakeview Village, a vibrant 177-acre mixed-use community that arrives on Mississauga’s waterfront, today announced the launch of its exciting next phase of collaboration with Artscape order a new series of public art intended to animate the development site and its future discovery center in 2021 and beyond. This latest initiative will create more than $ 250,000 in paid work opportunities for artists in the region.

This program builds on the initial phase of the LCPL-Artscape partnership, first launched in 2020, which provided paid employment opportunities to 19 talented artists from the Greater Toronto Area who created a dynamic series of artistic works for the Lakeview Village site. The completed pieces included more than 1,600 linear feet of artistic works on the construction palisade of the future Discovery Center and an interactive sculpture.

The combined investment of the 2020-2021 program now totals more than $ 350,000 to create work opportunities for the region’s artist community during the pandemic. The most recent phase of the Artist-Led Program is a continuation of LCPL’s vision to transform Mississauga’s waterfront through creating venues and redefining how community engages and connects to art, establishing a real sense of belonging to the Lake Ontario site. This scale of partnership and public art exhibition during the construction phase of a large mixed-use development is unprecedented in the region.

“We strongly believe in the power and importance of public art and its profound ability to improve the built form, the everyday environment and the quality of life,” said Brian Sutherland, vice president of development, Argo Development Corporation, and responsible for development for Lakeview Village. “The integration of arts and culture is a central part of our vision for Lakeview Village to create a truly vibrant sense of belonging that will shine through the community. Involving local artists in the process is something we have worked hard to prioritize throughout the construction phase and will continue to do so in the future.

“Artscape Atelier is delighted to be the artistic and cultural partner of Lakeview Village, and for all the opportunities this will create for artists to bring and bring the site to life throughout the project development cycle over the course of the next decade, ”said Grace Lee Reynolds, CEO of Artscape. “During Phase 1 in 2020, Artscape Atelier commissioned 19 artists to create hoarding murals, Indigenous poem and large-scale sculpture with interactive lighting in the sunflower field.

“For phase 2 in 2021, we will have other paid opportunities in many different areas of work. Mentorship is a key part of this phase, to align with our vision of expanding the public art landscape and to create opportunities for emerging artists to broaden their knowledge, skills and experience in the field. of public art, ”continued Reynolds.

The discovery center sculpture project

The first work of art commissioned for the Phase 2 program will be the Sculpture project of the discovery center, create an impactful destination and serve as a landmark on the site. The sculpture will be located on the grounds of the future Lakeview Village Discovery Center, currently under construction and slated to open later this year. The Discovery Center will be an immersive and interactive community center used for activations and programming, artistic and educational exhibits, and culinary, cultural and musical experiences, and will be a primary focus for community engagement throughout construction. of the Lakeview Village project. It will also serve as a future sales and training center for development and its many facets.

LCPL and Artscape are delighted to announce that the art collective Studio F Less was selected for the sculpture project. Studio F Minus is comprised of artists Mitchell F. Chan, Brad Hindson and Michael Simon in collaboration with a network of world-class engineers, manufacturers and technologists who create large-scale art projects for large audiences. The team brings more than 15 years of experience in creating dynamic public art based on the fundamental principles of given public experience and capture public values.

Studio F Minus’ artistic creation will seek to explore the powerful relationship between humans and the natural world, incorporating themes such as transformation and connection, inspired by lake elements such as wind and water. Their sculpture, titled Wind composition, will be developed over the next few months and will become a historical and contemplative piece that captures the imagination and draws the eyes up and out to Lake Ontario. Similar in nature to the artist-based hoarding initiative launched in 2020, the completed sculpture will allow the community to reconnect with the art, the site and its relationship to the waterfront.

The art of hoarding will also be reused later this year to create a lively art walk around the future Discovery Center, taking visitors through Lakeview Village’s sunflower field, and to the new sculpture as a pinnacle moment, all in a safe outdoor environment.

Mentoring program

An exciting new aspect of this year’s LCPL-Artscape collaboration also includes a paid four-month mentorship program for emerging sculptor artists to learn how to develop and participate in large-scale public art performance. . Local artists Soon Cho and Alex Anagnostou were selected as mentees to work closely with Studio F Minus throughout the sculpture development process.

The LCPL and Artscape teams will announce further commissioned work and program elements in the coming months.

The LCPL-Artscape collaboration demonstrates the powerful and growing relationship between real estate development and the arts and culture sectors, demonstrating the value that public art and its integration into the urban design process can bring to communities, such as the cultural and economic vitality. and a shared sense of belonging. LCPL will continue to transform the development site into a canvas of artistic expression as part of its commitment to the arts, and to establish a sense of community belonging and identity that fosters pride and enhances the quality of life of the people. residents and visitors.

Lakeview Village will be Canada’s most transformative multi-use waterfront community, bringing new life to Mississauga and connecting residents to this part of Lake Ontario for the first time in decades. The development of this new community will be a catalyst for economic investment and growth in the region. The 177-acre project will combine a variety of high-quality housing options, with offices, retail and restaurants as well as an extensive network of parks, a revitalized pier, and cultural and recreational amenities – all connected to public transit. , to a network of trails and trails, and the nearby 64-acre Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area, creating an unparalleled experience and all-season destination on Mississauga’s waterfront.

For more information on the program and the artists, visit the Art of Placemaking pole [here]. Multimedia resources including videos, photos and project renderings from Lakeview Village are available [here].

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