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KINGSPORT – Lynn View Community Center has a new play area for the kids. And just in time for summer vacation.

The new playing field is located near the upper baseball field next to the parking lot on the gymnasium side of the building. It features two climbing and sliding structures connected to monkey bars, all located in an area lined with mulch.

Robin Dimona, deputy director of the parks and recreation department, said the playground was set up earlier this month and will likely be open in early May. The teams recently put the finishing touches to a small parking lot next to the playground to accommodate two disabled spaces.

“Once they got in there they were missing a few bolts so they had to stop,” Dimona said. “They had pretty much everything done when they had to ask the company to ship the bolts to them.”

The cost of the project was approximately $ 52,000. Some remaining work includes the addition of a few benches and the completion of some landscaping. Dimona said the city also plans to re-fencing around the playing field and the nearby basketball and baseball field.

“We hope this becomes a really great place for the kids,” she said.


The Playground is the second round of improvements to the Lynn View campus in recent years, all thanks to a $ 450,000 Project Diabetes grant Kingsport received in 2019.

The grant provides $ 150,000 per year for three years and has no equivalent portion. Kingsport took the money, added some of it, and presented the next three-year improvement plan for Lynn View.

• Phase one (in 2020): Construction of a walking and running track around the football field at a cost of $ 181,267.

• Phase two (in 2021): Creation of a play area on the old playground just above the old school.

• Phase three (in 2022): Construction of a basketball and pickleball court near the playing field.

According to the grant, the funds were to be spent on projects aimed at reducing diabetes and obesity and improving wellness initiatives within the community.


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