MSDH urges community health clinics and vaccine providers to adopt school


JACKSON, Mississippi (WLBT) – As we get closer to back to school, the state’s top doctors are calling on community health clinics and vaccine providers to adopt a school.

This effort uses federal funds channeled through the Mississippi State Department of Health to increase community access to vaccines.

the MSDH COVID-19 Community Vaccination Program will reimburse the costs that providers pay to set up a pop-up vaccination clinic at a school in their area.

The aim is to prevent epidemics in the classroom and to facilitate the vaccination of children aged 12 and over.

The MSDH held a press conference on Friday to present its COVID-19 directions for the next school year for students and teachers.

With low vaccination rates and an increase in coronavirus cases, health officials fear classroom outbreaks are inevitable.

MSDH will reimburse the cost of personnel, printing, mileage, signage, tent, internet access, electricity, vaccine storage, air / heating, medical waste disposal, etc.

The number of people vaccinated will determine the reimbursement per event.

Providers interested in applying must:

1) Be an actively enrolled COVID-19 vaccination provider

2) Complete the CCVP provider request information

Once the request is approved, the Immunization Office will contact the provider to register. If you have any questions, please email: Jessica Weeks at or call 601-576-7751.

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