Murfreesboro Police Call on Community to Help Spot Signs of Human Trafficking

MURFREESBORO, Tennessee (WKRN) – Police in Murfreesboro say it’s important for the community to help spot signs of human trafficking to end the growing problem.

“The restaurants, the grocery stores, the gas stations, of course the hotels are huge,” said Detective Jonathan Brown. “Especially those who only accept cash or don’t require ID for check-in.”

Brown says even in daylight people can see clues, but they need to know what they’re looking for.

Police have spotted human trafficking behavior in a number of different places, but Brown says specifically in high traffic ones.

Hotels have been the most common activity because victims are sent there to work and respond to online advertisements.

“We’ve done it where the rates are cheapest and the places where the rates are highest,” Brown said.

But even though employees at some local hotels attended the Murfreesboro police training sessions, Brown said his important guests were an extra pair of eyes as well.

“If you see a room where you have men after men coming in and out of that room,” Brown said.

Guests might also notice if a man much older than a woman walks into a room together, which could be a red flag.

“A lot of times they’ll be shy or withdrawn or shy or they’ll look to someone or someone in charge to make decisions for them,” Brown said.

The behavior, said Brown, is pretty consistent. These are the locations that can change depending on where people see potential victims.

Brown said report anything you think is suspicious to local law enforcement or that the TBI has a 24-hour hotline at 1-855-55-TNHTH.

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