NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Condition Monitoring Solution Makes Predictive Maintenance a Reality for Efficiency-Driven Plant Operations

NORD’s condition monitoring solution uses the internal PLC within their frequency converters to integrate drive-related actuators and sensors into a system, detecting unwanted operating conditions at an early stage to prevent them from occurring. critical system problems and costly downtime.

WAUNAKEE, Wisconsin (June 1, 2021) – For condition monitoring, training and condition data is recorded periodically or continuously to optimize the operational safety and efficiency of machines and facilities. Condition monitoring provides valuable information for predictive maintenance to proactively resolve service issues, reduce downtime, and increase overall plant efficiency. Data from digital and analog sensors play a central role in condition monitoring, replacing time-based maintenance with condition-based maintenance, and NORD’s integrated PLC allows easy integration with decentralized solutions and control cabinets.

The NORD condition monitoring system can be programmed to record drive and status data periodically or continuously via the internal PLC within the frequency converter. This fully integrated PLC is able to capture and preprocess specific parameters and sensors related to the drive without the need for an external controller. The results are then provided via the output parameters of the PLC and can be sent and saved on a local dashboard via Industrial Ethernet (eg PROFINET IO) for visualization.

In addition to the built-in measurement capability, each NORD drive unit can also evaluate external sensors, including those for system temperature and vibration. The processing of these measurements and the preparation of the output signals are carried out dynamically and individually in each frequency converter using the PLC. An interface for digital and analog sensors, including virtual sensors, allows the PLC to calculate information such as the optimum oil change time. Since oil temperature is a key factor in oil aging, the PLC can calculate the best time to change the oil based on its temperature over time. In this example, the hardware temperature sensors are no longer needed because the virtual sensors can efficiently calculate the current oil temperature using drive-specific parameters.

All the data processing output signals of the frequency converter are also provided for further processing via the bus interface and are read out via the instrument panel. This dashboard is the data storage unit for all captured operating drive values. It is presented from a database in a local industrial PC which can give general information about the motor, gearbox and frequency converter. Due to the detailed visualization of each reader, it also serves as an interactive interface for the operator, who can easily access each reader individually to see its updates and history in real time. The dashboard also allows you to set value thresholds for specified factors that will trigger an alarm if the thresholds are exceeded. Additionally, each drive can report its own status with an external beacon signal column that lights up green when there is no warning, yellow when the warning threshold is exceeded, and red when the warning threshold is exceeded. error is exceeded. These alarms can also be configured to go off in the event of a malfunction or real-time system change for active monitoring that ensures all systems are functioning properly.

NORD provides a free mobile application which is available for iOS and Android devices, the NORDCON APP. This application can be used to display the dashboard for drive monitoring and fault diagnostics and provides access to all drive parameters, as well as help functions that provide information about the individual parameter to which we access. An oscilloscope function is also included which can plot up to four different variables, making it a useful tool for commissioning or troubleshooting the system. In the event of a problem, a support ticket can be generated directly from the app and will email the specific settings directly to a NORD application engineer for review.

NORD also provides NORD CON, a free desktop software suite available for download directly from the website. Available for all Windows operating systems, NORD CON provides a user-friendly setting and programming interface, including an internal PLC editor that can be programmed with structured text or an instruction list – the same program used for the system NORD condition monitoring station. In addition, if the NORD CON software is connected to the same Ethernet network as the variable frequency devices, it is possible to create a tunnel through the Ethernet system and access each variable frequency device in a specific address range.

There are many advantages to adding NORD condition monitoring for predictive maintenance to an existing system or planning its integration into new facilities. Greater operational efficiency as well as time and cost savings can be achieved through this system to positively affect the total cost of ownership and bottom line of a business. Condition maintenance can also dramatically extend the life of components and machines by preventing conditions that could cause further damage to the system if not addressed immediately and scheduled machine or system maintenance avoids downtime. shutdown and increases system availability.


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