Oppo F19 Pro + 5G review: OnePlus Nord Killer?


5G smartphones are a dime a dozen nowadays in India, even in the value segment. In many ways, the OnePlus North can be credited with paving the way for affordable 5G smartphones in India. Manufacturers are constantly bringing 5G models into their wallets, and a few months ago Oppo’s F-series got its first 5G offering in the form of the Oppo F19 Pro + 5G.

Priced at Rs. 25,990, the F19 Pro + 5G can be seen as a direct competitor to the OnePlus Nord, but it also faces competition from cheaper offerings such as the Realme X7 5G, Xiaomi Mi 10i, and Moto G 5G. The main selling points of the Oppo F19 Pro + 5G are its low weight, very fast charging and AI camera features. Are they enough to make it a compelling product? It’s time to find out.

Oppo F19 Pro + 5G design

Oppo really nailed the slim form factor and weight of the F19 Pro + 5G. At just 173g and 7.8mm thin, it’s hard to believe that this phone actually packs a battery and other components. The finish is quite nice too. The plastic frame has a glossy chrome finish, while the plastic back has a frosted matte finish. The unit of money I had for this review attracted fingerprints, but the fingerprints weren’t easily visible.

The layout of the ports and buttons is ergonomic and Oppo has even managed to install a headphone jack on the F19 Pro + 5G. The three-slot tray allows you to use two Nano-SIMs and a microSD card. The screen is a large 6.4 inch AMOLED panel with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for protection against scratches. The screen is crisp, the colors are punchy, and the in-display fingerprint sensor is reliable. Unfortunately, it only supports a 60Hz refresh rate and nothing higher, which would have been nice to have at this price point.

The Oppo F19 Pro + 5G has a crisp AMOLED display, but lacks a high refresh rate

In the box you will find the typical contents such as a case, USB cable, headphones and charger. The charger supports Oppo’s SuperVOOC 65W standard, but the Oppo F19 Pro + 5G charges at a maximum of 50W. This 65W charger cannot be used to quickly charge phones that do not support SuperVOOC charging or even devices such as laptops.

Oppo F19 Pro + 5G specifications and software

Oppo opted for a fairly popular budget 5G SoC from MediaTek, the Dimensity 800U. According to Oppo’s website, the F19 Pro + 5G supports four 5G bands, which isn’t much, but it’s still better than some other more expensive Android phones. Only one configuration is available in India which has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The Oppo F19 Pro + 5G also supports the usual sensors and satellite navigation systems, as well as dual-band Wi-Fi radio, Bluetooth 5.1 and FM.

The Oppo F19 Pro + 5G runs on ColorOS 11.1, based on Android 11. My device recently received a software update that claimed to have improved system performance and stability, and it also added the Android security patch d ‘April. ColorOS is incredibly feature rich, but this phone also comes with a lot of bloatware which did a great job of always making sure I got unwanted notifications. The Theme Store and Browser are known for this. You can limit these alerts by manipulating the settings, but these apps cannot be uninstalled.

oppo f19 pro plus 5g ports review www

The Oppo F19 Pro + supports 50W fast charging with the included adapter

Oppo F19 Pro + 5G performance and battery life

The performance of the Oppo F19 Pro + 5G was, as you would expect, good during the review period. This Dimensity SoC is something we’ve seen in a lot of phones before, and its performance is pretty solid for the price. Benchmark scores weren’t too shabby and the F19 Pro + 5G scored 3.43.176 points in AnTuTu. Multitasking was generally crisp, but the phone lacked the smoothness and fluidity you would experience with a high refresh rate display. I think Oppo should have included it, at least on this “plus” model.

I didn’t encounter any heating problem either. The Oppo F19 Pro + 5G performed quite well for the most part and only got a little warm while gaming. Speaking of which, games performed very well on this phone. The visuals were stunning thanks to the vibrant, punchy colors of the OLED display, and the bottom speaker was decently loud for a pleasurable experience. There are many shortcuts and modifications that can be used while playing through the Game Space app.

The battery life was more than satisfactory in my experience. The Oppo F19 Pro + 5G has a 4310mAh battery and lasted 19 hours and 42 minutes in our HD video loop test, which is surprisingly good for such a capacity. With regular use of games, camera, and social apps, I was easily averaging about a day and a half on a single charge. The battery also charges very quickly, recharging from zero to 100% in under 50 minutes.

oppo f19 pro plus 5g selfie review www

Oppo F19 Pro + 5G MediaTek Dimensity 800U SoC Delivers Fast Performance

Oppo F19 Pro + 5G cameras

I felt the cameras on the Oppo F17 Pro, this phone’s predecessor, were a bit of a letdown, and the F19 Pro + 5G doesn’t appear to have made any major upgrades in this area. We have a 48-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and two 2-megapixel token cameras for macros and a black and white filter. For selfies, there’s a 16-megapixel camera in the screen’s hole-punch cutout.

Since video is one of the main selling points of this phone, let’s cover it first. The Oppo F19 Pro + 5G has an “ AI Highlight Video ” toggle button in the viewfinder. When this option is enabled, the camera app will automatically simulate HDR in video or increase exposure when shooting at night, which is indicated by a change in the AI ​​icon. Both of these features work but the resulting video quality is strictly average, even when shooting in daylight.

As for standard videos, the Oppo F19 Pro + 5G can record up to 4K 30fps, but without stabilization. Video shooting during the day is about passable, but it gets grainy and quite poor at night. . Other video modes include dual view to record a combined stream from the rear and selfie cameras. Subject tracking is also available, which works well as long as your subject doesn’t come out of the frame while shooting.

Oppo F19 Pro + 5G camera example (tap to view full size)

Oppo F19 Pro + 5G ultra-wide camera example (tap to view full size)

Daytime landscape photos lack clarity and detail, especially if the camera needs to aggressively apply HDR, such as when shooting on a sunny day. The ultra-wide camera captures fainter details than the main one, but it’s useful if you want to get more scenes in one shot. The macro camera isn’t great, but that was expected given the size of the sensor. Regular close-up shots look really good, with the right amount of light. At night, landscape images suffer from weak textures and poor detail. Things improve slightly with Night Mode, but not by much.

Oppo F19 Pro + 5G camera example (tap to view full size)

Oppo F19 Pro + 5G camera example (tap to view full size)

Oppo F19 Pro + 5G selfie camera example (tap to view full size)

Selfies tend to look abnormally processed with the default settings. Skin tones and textures improve a bit once you select the “Natural” option in the beauty filter. HDR is pretty poorly handled and if you use Portrait mode for a selfie in a backlit setting, the background tends to be blown out. Noise is handled well when taking selfies indoors and in good light, but skin tones don’t always look good.

Overall, the camera performance of the Oppo F19 Pro + 5G is very disappointing and it’s not something I expected from a phone costing close to Rs. 26,000.

oppo f19 pro plus 5g cameras review www

The Oppo F19 Pro + 5G’s cameras just don’t measure up, which is a big disappointment


The Oppo F19 Pro + 5G is not the upgrade to the F17 Pro that I expected. Its improvements are better battery life, faster charging, and a faster 5G SoC, but that’s about it. The slim design, low weight, AMOLED screen and cameras are pretty much the same as what its predecessor offered. In fact, I would say the quality of the cameras has dropped a notch or two, which is a shame. Oppo seems to be focusing more on its Reno series now, and in the matter, hasn’t really done enough with the F19 Pro + 5G to justify its price.

I would say the OnePlus Nord is still the better competitor between the two, and I would recommend it over the F19 Pro + 5G. If you want to save a bit, phones like the Xiaomi Mi 10i offer better performance and features for a lot less. There’s also Realme’s X7 5G which offers very similar features, physical dimensions and specifications to the F19 Pro + 5G, but with better cameras and a more attractive price tag.


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