Pokemon Go Community Day September 2022 Rumors: Who’s Headlining?

The Pokemon Go Community Day headliner for September has yet to be announced, but there are already predictions and rumors about who could be the show’s star.

Now that the August 2022 Galarian Zigzagoon Community Day is over, many trainers are looking ahead to the next Community Day which will take place sometime in September 2022.

Community days are special events that take place once a month. Each features a specific Pokémon family with boosted spawns, increased Shiny rate, and a special research story to complete.

The September 2022 headliner has yet to be confirmed, but we’ve rounded up some of our early predictions and the biggest rumors from the community below.


One of the biggest rumors right now is that a Kalos starter will be the headliner for September 2022’s Community Day. If so, it will likely be Chespin as Pokemon Go traditionally features Grass-type starters first.

The main reason for this prediction is that it’s been a year since the last time a rookie Pokémon made the headlines at a Community Day. Oshawott completed the Unova line in September 2021, and there haven’t been any since.

The starters from the Kalos Chespin, Fennkin and Froakie region


That’s what we’ve been assuming for a few months and we’re sticking to it. If it’s not a Kalos starter, however, another prediction is that Teddiursa could be a headliner with his evolution Hisuian Ursaluna making his debut.

As for the Community Day headliners players really want to see, Timburr is a popular choice as its final evolution Conkeldurr is a heavy hitter in raids and gyms and a new move could really shake things up.

When is Pokemon Go Community Day September 2022?

No date has yet been confirmed for September’s Pokemon Go Community Day, but based on previous months, our best guess is that it will take place either September 18 or September 25.

This is because Community Day events tend to take place in the second half of the month and they often alternate between Saturdays and Sundays – and August’s Community Day was on a Saturday.

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