Pottery company showcases cultivation installation at community meeting in Cummingington

Posted: 09/22/2021 12:57:02 PM

CUMMINGTON – A community outreach meeting for a marijuana plant project on Bryant Road went without controversy on Monday.

“We really appreciated the opportunity to have a dialogue with the community,” said Ted Shagory, spokesperson for 0 Bryant Rd LLC.

0 Bryant Rd LLC is seeking to establish a cultivation facility on Bryant Road. This would be the company’s first marijuana production facility.

Kenneth “Trudge” Howes, who sits on both the select committee and the zoning appeal committee, said the meeting “appeared to have gone well.”

“There wasn’t too much controversy,” Howes said.

He said the company had questions about the size of the building, visibility and the smell of marijuana, and that there appeared to be no opposition to that.

“They answered all the questions that were put to them,” Howes said.

Shagory said he didn’t feel there was any hostility towards the project at the meeting, and that the questions three key questions were asked related to the environmental impact, the smell of marijuana and if the building was going to be a visual plague.

“All of those things that we took into account,” Shagory said.

Shagory said the company plans to alleviate marijuana odors and water runoff. As well as being set back from the road, he also said the property where the facility would be built is above the road.

“Unless you’re looking for it, I don’t think you’ll see it,” he said.

Regarding the dimensions of the facility, Shagory said his company was considering two 10,000 square foot buildings, with the idea being that the grow areas would be double stacked to accommodate 20,000 square feet of marijuana canopy.

Regarding next steps, Shagory said 0 Bryant Rd LLC is considering submitting an application to the Zoning Appeal Committee and the Cannabis Control Board.

A draft agreement with the host community has been submitted to the select committee, which it plans to discuss at its next meeting.

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