Process and control today | Energy efficiency – untapped potential! NORD components increase the energy efficiency of drive systems

Not only in times of rising energy prices, energy efficiency is one of the industry’s most important goals. Highly efficient components from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS help to reduce the energy consumption of drive systems. In addition, the training specialist offers its customers energy advice.

We help our customers to save energy”, this is how Jörg Niermann, Head of Marketing, summarizes one of the main guidelines of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. The company’s drive components are increasingly optimized according to the energy efficiency factor. A study by the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association VDMA and the management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group has shown that innovative technologies in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction can help reduce up to 86% CO2 emissions across industry. “And we want to help our customers use their savings potential,” says Niermann.

High efficiency IE5+ synchronous motor
NORD sets new standards in energy efficiency with the IE5+ synchronous motor, which achieves an efficiency of up to 95%. Thanks to the technology of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), it achieves this high efficiency relatively constantly over a wide range of speed and torque and also offers very good energy consumption performance in part-load ranges. and partial speed. This means that it even exceeds the highest defined energy efficiency class IE5.

With its wide power range, IE5+ also helps reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) beyond energy efficiency by enabling downsizing in an overall system. “Especially for systems with many drives, for example in intralogistics, there is significant savings potential here,” says Niermann.

Patented DuoDrive gearmotor
The IE5+ synchronous motor is also part of the patented DuoDrive geared motor, where it has been integrated into a single-stage helical gear reducer. Calculated via the system, the gearmotor achieves up to 92%, one of the highest efficiencies on the market in this power class. “The fewer the interfaces, the higher the efficiency of the system,” explains Jörg Niermann. The integration of the drive into the gearbox housing reduces the installation space, the number of parts subject to wear and therefore also the maintenance effort. Eliminating component seals also greatly minimizes the risk of liquid ingress and bacterial contamination.

The DuoDrive was specially developed for intralogistics and the food industry. In an application for the beverage industry, NORD also carried out a survey on energy efficiency. In an exhibition model, where the bottles are conveyed in two circular systems, the drive specialist compared the power consumption of two drive configurations: on the one hand, a DuoDrive including a cabinet frequency converter control unit NORDAC PRO SK 500E and the other a conventional IE3 asynchronous motor with bevel gear and decentralized frequency converter. Result: the DuoDrive consumes up to 50% less energy.

Reduce carbon footprint
NORD DRIVESYSTEMS not only helps its customers to discover and realize such savings potential with its efficient components, but also with a special service. The NORD ECO service checks the dimmers installed by the customer with regard to energy efficiency, dimensioning and number of versions. From this, NORD creates an energy efficiency concept that identifies possible savings potentials and is tailored to the customer’s needs.

“In times of rising energy prices, increasing energy efficiency becomes increasingly relevant,” stresses Jörg Niermann. A committed family business, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS also attaches great importance to reducing its ecological footprint for the sake of intergenerational justice and the fight against climate change.

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