Russia says only German consent is needed to proceed with Europe’s North 2 gas supply


Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin said in an interview with the BBC that Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas link with Germany was only an authorization to send additional gas to fuel-strapped European regions. Russia is awaiting approval from Germany to start producing natural gas under the Baltic Sea, according to Andrei Kelin.

When asked if Russia would transport more gas westward via Ukraine, Andrei Kelin replied that deliveries by this route had already exceeded contractual requirements by 10% and any further increase would put the market at risk. gas pipeline. He refuted suggestions that Russia was trying to stifle the flow of gas through other pipelines in order to force Germany to approve Nord Stream 2. Any claim that Russia is using gas as a political weapon, a- he argued, is ridiculous.

Russia increases gas supply to help Europe cope with rising global costs

The envoy also said Russia had increased its gas supply to help Europe cope with rising global costs, but warned that if the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline was cleared, Russia could do even more. . He also told the BBC that Russia had increased the gas supply to Western Europe. According to him, they are not withholding anything for political purposes.

Andrei further said that Nord Stream 2 was ready to go and that he believed Germany would approve the new pipeline. The proposed 764-mile line, which bypasses Ukraine and crosses the Baltic Sea to Germany, has provoked resistance from the United States and many eastern European countries concerned about energy security and climate goals.

Andrei Kelin also said that Nord Stream 2 will help bring more and cheaper gas to Western Europe. When asked if gas supplies would increase from November 1, whether or not Nord Stream 2 is approved, Kelin replied that he just didn’t know. However, as he previously stated, they are currently increasing it by 15%, according to Express & Star. The Russian ambassador also said that BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford, who was expelled from Russia earlier this year, can return if Russian journalists are allowed to work in the UK.

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