The best OnePlus Nord N20 5G cases in 2022

The OnePlus Nord N20 is the latest budget smartphone from OnePlus to be available in the United States. It may not be as feature-packed as other budget Android phones, but its low price and attractive design, reminiscent of the OnePlus X, make it an attractive offering from the Chinese OEM. Although relatively cheap, you’ll want to keep your new phone safe and secure from damage.

Do not worry; many different options are available, from rugged to slim. You’re bound to find one to suit your needs, and we’ve rounded up the best OnePlus Nord N20 cases that will do just that.

If you need extreme protection for your Nord N20, the Dretal Kickstand case will do the trick. The case uses a mix of TPU and hard plastic to protect the phone from harsh knocks and shocks. The ring on the back doubles as both a handle and a landscape kickstand, so you won’t need to add a pop grip to this one. There’s also a sliding camera cover to protect your lenses from scratches and dust when the phone is in your bag or pocket. Finally, the case comes with a tempered glass screen protector, making it a complete package.

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Dretal kickstand case for OnePlus Nord N20

Tech21 cases have a reputation for offering good protection in a slim package, and the Evo Lite does just that. The case is lightweight, grippy and the air pockets built into the case will easily protect the phone from bumps and scrapes. It also has an antimicrobial coating that helps prevent bacteria buildup. Our only criticism is that it’s not the sleekest case available, although it does come in several colors – Clear, Dusty Pink and Black.

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Tech21 Evo Lite for the OnePlus Nord N20

The Foluu Silicone Case may be a simple product, but that doesn’t mean it’s not excellent. The case itself is made of TPU and has a soft microfiber lining to prevent scratches on the back of the phone. A lanyard hole on the right side makes it easy to add a wrist strap for those who often drop their smartphone, and a lip around the cameras should prevent scratches when laying the device on a table. The case is available in a solid array of attractive colors including black, blue, green, and purple.

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Foluu Silicone Case for OnePlus Nord N20

The Sucnakp Clear Case is the perfect choice if you want a thin, clear case that still offers plenty of protection. The hard TPU construction ensures the phone is safe from drops and bumps, with bumpers in each corner providing extra protection against larger accidents. The case comes with a tempered glass screen protector, so you can keep your screen safe. Unfortunately, there are very many options. It comes in two variants – Clear and Black – the latter coloring the frame black and leaving the back clear. Although they are the most exciting choices, this is still a great clear option.

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Sucnakp Clear Case for OnePlus Nord N20

The CoverON is made of hard TPU with a brushed texture on the back that looks like brushed aluminum. While it’s unfortunate that this case only comes in black, it’s well-designed and comfortable to hold. The textured finish isn’t just for looks. This case makes your phone more grippy which helps prevent smudge and fingerprint buildup. It’s just a shame there aren’t more colors available. If you’re looking for a case that’s interesting in design without being flashy, the CoverOn Carbon Fiber is a great option.

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CoverON Carbon Fiber for OnePlus Nord N20

The KWmobile TPU case is similar to the Foluu Silicon case in that it is made of a soft-touch TPU material, which makes this phone much easier to grip. The slim construction prevents damage from minor bumps and scrapes without making the phone look much larger. However, this probably won’t do much to prevent damage from heavy drops. If you suffer from a severe case of butter fingers and don’t want a bigger, bulkier case, you should use the lanyard hole. This case is available in fawn red, matte black, dark green, and lavender gray, so there are plenty of options to find your style. If you’re looking for a slimmer, less bulky case, this is a great choice.

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KWmobile TPU Case for OnePlus Nord N20

If you hate carrying a wallet, Eastcoo wallet case could solve that inconvenience. Besides protecting the screen and acting as a stand, the three card slots and coin pocket should provide everything you need to leave your wallet at home. Convenience aside, this case should protect your Nord N20 from drops and bumps while keeping the screen safe from scratches. So if you want to ditch the wallet or bag, this case comes in green, black, purple, and yellow. There’s plenty of variety to suit your styling needs.

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Eastcoo Wallet Case for Nord N20

The Osophter clear case can provide good protection and ease of use, especially if you like to show off your OnePlus Nord N20 5G. Cases with a lip around the screen protect your screen well, but they can also make it difficult to use Android’s gesture navigation. This case solves the problem by only rising above the screen at the corners. These bumpers will prevent the screen from getting scratched while leaving the bottom and sides clear when swiping. The corner bumpers also act as shock absorbers if you drop your phone, adding even more protection to your Nord N20. If you find yourself using gesture navigation and are looking for a clear case, this is a great choice.

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Osophter Transparent Case for OnePlus Nord N20

The HR Wireless Rugged Case is a lightweight, grippy case that will protect your Nord N20 without getting in the way too much. There’s a lip around the display to prevent it from scratching on tables or counters, but it’s not large enough to interfere with navigation of the device. The textured back looks great and adds extra grip to make it harder to drop the device. Unfortunately, this option is somewhat limited in color options. You can buy the rugged case in black or blue, so if you’re looking for something more dynamic, you’ll have to find it elsewhere.

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HR Wireless Rugged Case for OnePlus Nord N20

The best OnePlus Nord N20 5G case for you

Budget OnePlus phones aren’t as popular as Samsung’s offerings, so it can be harder to find cases. Still, even if some larger companies ignore the N20, that doesn’t mean you can’t find good quality cases elsewhere.

If you want maximum protection no matter the trade-off, the Dretal Kickstand Case delivers just that. The chunky exterior combines soft and hard plastics, protecting the device against the harshest drops. In addition, the integrated camera cover and the included screen protector complete the package. The handle on the back doubles as a kickstand, making it harder to drop the phone and easier to prop it up to watch Netflix.

If you prefer something thinner and more comfortable to hold, the Foluu Silicone is a good fit. Thanks to the soft and grippy TPU construction, the phone will be harder to drop and fit the hand better. The wide range of color options helps this one stand out and ensures that you should be able to find one that suits your tastes. Whatever your style, you’re bound to find the best OnePlus Nored N20 5G case to suit your needs.

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