The bodies of 1,500 Russian soldiers lie in Dnipro, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on Wednesday warned against sending more weapons to Ukraine and called for a rapprochement between NATO and Russia once Moscow’s war in Ukraine is over. . Asked about military aid to Ukraine, Le Pen said she would continue her support for defense and intelligence.

“(But) I am more reserved on direct arms deliveries. Why? Because… there is a thin line between aid and becoming co-belligerent,” the far-right leader said, citing concerns about an “escalation of this conflict which could bring a large number of countries into military engagement” .

Le Pen, an outspoken nationalist who has long-standing ties to Russia and has backed Vladimir Putin in the past, also confirmed that if she overthrows President Emmanuel Macron in France‘s presidential run-off on April 24, she would withdraw the France from the NATO military command and would recall the French. support for the whole of the European Union.

Macron, a pro-EU centrist, faces a tougher-than-expected struggle to stay in power, in part because the economic impact of the war is hitting poor households the hardest. France’s European partners fear a possible Le Pen presidency could undermine Western unity as the United States and Europe seek to back Ukraine and end Russia’s ruinous war against its neighbor .

Source: AP

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