The flagship of the Royal Navy joins forces with the French transporter for “cat and mouse” war games

British Carrier Strike Group 2021

The flagship of the Royal Navy, HMS Queen Elizabeth, participated in “cat and mouse” war games with her French navy counterpart.

The aircraft carrier encountered FS Charles de Gaulle in the western Mediterranean as it continues its first operational deployment with the Carrier Strike Group (CSG) towards the Indo-Pacific region.

British and American F35B Lightning stealth jets aboard the Queen Elizabeth participated in exercises with the French carrier and its Rafale.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: “The first phase of Exercise Gallic Strike saw Queen Elizabeth and Charles de Gaulle participate in a cat-and-mouse style war game, with the two task forces testing the capabilities. others to protect and defend against threats.

“Then it was the turn of the jets with the British F-35s of 617 Squadron RAF, the Dambusters and the US Marine Corps VMFA-211 conducting simulated strike missions with the French Rafale twin-jet fighter.

The First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy, Admiral Tony Radakin, the Chief of Naval Operations of the US Navy, Admiral Michael Gilday and the Chief of Staff of the French Navy, Admiral Pierre Vandier, also had the chance to visit both ships and discuss future partnerships.

Adm Radakin said: “Today’s trilateral meeting between the National Navy, United States Navy and Royal Navy; NATO’s three nuclear nations and the alliance’s three navies, underscores our shared commitment to NATO and our bold steps towards ever greater interoperability and interchangeability.

“The deployment of the Royal Navy Carrier Strike Group 21 is a clear demonstration of this: a Royal Navy aircraft carrier, which will become NATO’s aircraft carrier, supported by fighter jets, frigates and destroyers allies, working as one.

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