Town of Dighton Invites Community Members to Attend Special Briefing on Town Mandate Article

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DIGHTON – The Selectmen of Dighton Board of Trustees, working with City Administrator Michael Mullen, would like to invite community members to attend an upcoming briefing on the special meeting mandate articles. the city (STM) next week.


Monday October 25 from 7 p.m.


Old Dighton Town Hall, 1111 Somerset Ave.


In preparation for the next special municipal assembly on November 1, the board of directors will organize a special briefing on municipal assembly mandate articles on Monday. During the session, community members will have the opportunity to learn more about the 40 mandate articles presented at the special municipal assembly.

The Board of Selectmen, heads of departments, councils and members of the committees who proposed the articles of the mandate will be present. During the session, they will present additional information on the proposed articles of their mandate and will be able to answer questions from community members.

The presentations will also be accompanied by all the recommendations that have been made so far by the Selection Board and the Finance Committee on their respective articles.

“It is important that we provide residents with background and information so that we are all able to make informed decisions in preparation for the special city meeting on November 1,” said the chairman of the board of directors of Selectmen, Kenneth Pacheco. “The Board of Selectmen gives top priority to providing accessible and transparent information to residents. We hope to see everyone take this opportunity to familiarize themselves with the articles on the proposed mandates and to hear from the various boards, committees and heads of departments present. “

Articles on the proposed warrants include an article on funding to pay the debt service of the new police department building to reduce the tax rate, as well as proposals for a number of capital investments, proposed regulations, street acceptances and a number of other matters. To consult all the articles on the proposed mandates, click here.

All information presented in the Town Special Assembly Mandates article briefing will be uploaded to the town’s website and shared after the session.


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