Wayne County community mobilizes after jail amalgamation project

Wayne County community members have come together to fight a proposed merger of Wayne County and Pike jails.

HONESDALE, Pa .– Signs were put up as dozens of people gathered in Honesdale Central Park to protest the proposed Wayne and Pike County jails.

Jason Thomas is a sergeant at the Wayne County Jail. He is worried about the future of his job.

“With mortgages, child care, car payments. We can’t guess Thanksgiving is coming while they are eating their nice breakfasts and we have no work,” said Sgt Jason L Thomas, Wayne County Jail.

Wayne County and Pike County Commissioners recently hired a consulting firm to conduct a study of county correctional facilities.

Authorities are considering amalgamating the two facilities, meaning that all Wayne County inmates would be consolidated into the Pike County facility.

“11 years of fighting for a sergeant position now, I have to get to the bottom of it and start as number one,” Thomas said. “I’m 51, I don’t want to play this game. I’ve been doing this for 17 years. I earned that respect I thought.”

Not only are people concerned about their jobs, they are also curious to see what the county is planning to do with the building.

Katie Nixon is a correctional officer at the Wayne County Jail.

She says it’s not just employees who would be affected by the potential closure.

“This is their partner once, the next time they have their families. None of us are just one. I wish the commissioners would think about it,” said Katie Nixon, prison correctional officer. of Wayne County.

County officials say the study will be completed in about two weeks. No official decision has been taken.

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